TX Lottery History


After downloading the TX Lottery history, I found out that I needed to update the Autoloader to handle This type of history data. It actually helps out, because this file is very similiar to the BC (Canada) history files.

I built into the autoloader draw order detection (well, almost...) It at least works for this file type for sure!

Be sure to watch for the next Release of WINHunter.... There are alot of minor changes/enhancements that I have found, or users have mentioned. Once this release is out, I will work more on the help file and add a smany Tutor Lessons as possible.



Well honey, I'm glad to hear somebody saying something good about this lotto's change. If we join Powerball as predicted I'm hoping they'll change the pick *6* lotto to something easier to win. but that's my dream & every girl has got to have one right? ;) :lol:
I will tell you this tho, a small history altho limiting, also makes a great excuse for poor number selection. hahaha