TX 5/44 + 1/44 lotto shmoto


July is here & I feel like playing pick 3. go figger
I've been waiting for a 0 decade skip & high draw, it's so due. & sumthin' prodded me to look at the pre-test results.... TLC does 4 *practice* draws before each draw & if a # repeats 4 times they use a different set..... so the pretest results show my 0 dec skip & high draw the very first draw. hmmmm.... & get this, in the past 6 draws we've had one 4peat, a 3peat and a reg repeat... that's 6/30 #s that repeated... Plus we've had 2 times where the BB is the same as a reg #... I'm thinking this present set has lots of repeaters in it. I think I'll be studying my hit in Last charts more carefully now. doh!
6 as DN & 14 may show up after it's 4peat now. :love2:


40s skip
2 in teens or 7-15 range. possibly a consecutive set.
something in these sets are due to hit: 9-10,14-15-16,18-19.
something from skip 16: 10-15-18-22
1or2 from skip 2: 9-14-19-26
2or3 from skips 3-9
grey blocks: 10-11-12
angles say: 11-22-29-33-34-37-39
14 as DN wohoo!
not making a bet yet.