too bonus or not to bonus


please resond with thoughts
please reply with comments

reasons for using bonus in stats
- most comercial software uses bonus in calculations
- the value in $ of the 5+b make it worth going for
- the bonus number is drawen like the regular numbers so effects future draws
- any ammont of history will help with future calculations

reason for not using bonus in stats
- if you are going for the 3/6 to 6/6 then using the bonus will shift your calculations off the mark
- the bonus number can be considered equal to the 42 numbers not drawen because it is drawn after the 6 regular numbers
- the machines and balls are cleaned and run regularly so saying the bonus being drawen will effect future draws is questionable

side note:
does any one maintain a database with all the numbers drawen in the order they where taken from the machine ???

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You should post this under another thread inner like the tip section and you have some good point to start a discussion there...but posting under this thread will only get that discussion loss and buried under many other threads....
I have both datas with bonus and without bonus....I would love to have the history of the ball orders...from an announcer stand point it would be interesting to see if one ball for an example comes mostly right after another..... even if it is not as necessary to have it as it first dealing with the 7 numbers frame is also mostly accurate...In fact you got to look at the context from draws to draws in order to have a better idea of what you should most likely expect...The single announcer will tell you and give you between 20 to 30 most likely numbers to choose from...My guess is that it would be the same from a set of datas from ball to ball..because many of them would often be out of context just as it is presently with the single announcers and this is why you got also to look elsewhere to find out the missing pieces...
hot/cold ...skip/hit...positions...high/low...consecutives....LDs... name a few...
I do think that it might help a little knowing the order history from ball to ball ...because it might tells me that if the ball 05 hits five balls later the ball 09 might hit and sometimes in the same draw but sometimes in the following draw....This could be added to the announcer theory...
That would be interesting to see....
I don't know if it is possible to have this data...I for one do not have it!


It is really very simple for me. The lotto 6+1/49 draw has 7 balls coming out of the machine at the same time - that is, the 7th ball is not a separate machine - therefore for the purposes of analysis I consider this a 7 ball lotto. It is irrelevant to me that the bonus number applies only to the second prize. :dang:

Having said that, most of what I look at considers the 7th ball, thats why most of my software has it included, but I do look at some stats with regular numbers only, for example, LD's.

The other reason I like the 7 number scenario is that the expectation of each number fits nicely in the 49 number scenario, that is 1 number in 7, 2 numbers in 14, 3 numbers in 21, 4 numbers in 28 etc.

There is a very definite difference between running 6 number and 7 number analysis. If you want evidence of this, run, as I have, both histories through WinHunter.

Both stats, with and without bonus, are interesting to look at just make sure you quote which ones you are posting.

My .02 :)

On your side note, I don't have the history in draw order :no: and I've never seen it. I think this is something the lotto office would have to provide.
Beaker said:
:fairy: SNIPPER CHARACTER:fairy: On your side note, I don't have the history in draw order :no: and I've never seen it. I think this is something the lotto office would have to provide.
Apparently... It seems that such datas are availables For the 6/49 and the Super 7 at ''La Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec'' a friend of mine told me that....I just send an e-mail there to see if it is the case...If I get it you'll have it in a text file.... :read:


re: side note

I agree the information would be interesting from a stats
point of view the problem will be maintaining the data once you have it ???

when the draw data is posted here on the thread
would it be possible to have it in order drawen or are the post generally from sourse other than watching the draw take place


I use the bonus in all my data, after all, it is a ball that is drawn, also, I don't think it matters in which order they are drawn, for statistical analysis, it is irrelevent.


WINHunter standpoint

There is only 1 processor where drawn order would make a major impact, and that is the REDBUS processor. The redbus processor looks at the last draw position, and goes down that position in the past history, until it finds another occurence of itself (the last draw position.) It then uses a simple vector input (up, down, left or right) input from the user, to obtain a ball number. Multiple passes on a single position are possible, and complex vectors are also possible. This processor actually produces some very interesting results, mostly I think because of the lack of a logical link between the numbers in question, and the numbers that are finally tagged by the resultant vectors.

If your not familiar with the Redbus processor, perhaps you need to take a closer look!! BTW, the Redbus processor concept was a contribution from a user, in which I converted into functional code.



Ball order

A programme called lotto cracker does this for the UK lottery, and also analyses colours and machines. I don't have the url but a google search should find it. I rember it is in version 5, but 2 is free. I looked at it about 6 months ago, then got sidetracked onto something else...I think it was work!



1 and 49 UK

I forgot to mention that the number 1 has been drawn about 90 times in the UK lotto, and has always been the first ball drawn...number 49 has always been the last ball drawn.

theres nowt as queer as numbers!



Yes in winhunter's limited set of processors there is only one that could take advantage of knowing the order the balls where drawn and you are welcome for the advertisement.
Those people who run stats like: odd/even , ball counts ( similar to vector ) , high/low , binaries , LD's and Adjacent Numbers could make use of the added infromation (eg. if the first ball drawen had been either odd or a binary 8 times in the last 10 draws these stats would be effected ). ( eg. if the average of the first ball drawen was say 35 instead of 24 or 25 in the last 20 draws
some one could take atvantage of that stat.

barge the info on the 1 and 49 in the UK draw is wild to say the least. that the kind of information I would be curious about in the
CND 6/49


Unfortunately Inner, you were right ,it is wild info. After I read your comment I checked this on the official site which tells a different story. I got the original info from the website
they have a table of ball position frequency which is either badly written, or I missed the point, either way my apologies for misleading you and me! :blush: