To Sporster!

I saw from your post that you are from Aurora, Ont. I have some good friends in Newmarket near your town...nice place by the way...I remember when I used to walk in the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket...I met many nice people from Aurora...I went and stayed a full year in Newmarket teaching in an elementary school ...The school name was Mazo de la Roche ...used to go there by Davis drive every morning..not so far away from the train tracks... Anyway I know your area very well and it is nice to see somebody posting from there! :agree: :agree2:



Hi Dennis,

I thank you for the warm welcome; Aurora & Newmarket are very nice places to live & raise children.
I’ve been living here for 12 years & there is no other place I would like to live!
Dennis you live in a very beautiful place you’re self & I’m sure you love your home. A few things I can tell you if; you alreally maybe know! The building of new homes & people moving to this location in the last 4 years is unbelievable, if this keeps up Aurora & Newmarket will be over populated. Up in Newmarket you can already notice the traffic buildup & areas that have been built-up that has changed the look! One thing is for sure that I guess; that’s why a lot of people want to live in this location! P.S. Townhouses are selling for 210,000 in these locations. Wow that is a lot of money!
Thanks again Dennis.