To Rebeckah - TX Lotto


yep. I've also seen it come up on the big game site as well. Once the feedback period starts I'm going to send the TLC a letter. They're just being greedy. I don't know why they think we'd play more if they changed to a powerball format. I'd rather just go play powerball itself. Same odds, bigger jackpots. & lots of people can get to a powerball terminal, which is also why they need to make TX games better than neighboring states. They complain about declining sales and their answer is to change the game to one with higher odds.... making it less attractive to the player. they say too many people win the lower jackpots (under 12 million} but they only raise the jackpot by 1-2 million $, so the jackpot is under 10 mil for a whole month of drawings. They're just stupid, & I'm begining to conclude it's a southern affliction. I'm counting on winning a jackpot before the change goes into affect in May. I'm sure they will change it, they're greedy and stupid. Eventually, they'll just give up and join powerball.