to gilles d


could you read and respond to my post on 02/15/03 about excel. Dennis said to ask for your help. Thanks



I maintain 3 databases on loteries (Canadian Lotto 6/49, Quebec 49 and U.K. 6/49 lottery). I do a lot of analyses with Excel on these and yes I could possibly supply members with some of my files (through L.T.) but you would have to entrer your data.

I never did buy, try, download or otherwise use any software for data analysis (although D.B. might think otherwise) and my lotery playing is quite simple: one combination per draw (sometime 2 or 3 if the total prize is high). But what I have quite a bit of fun trying to determine some characteristics in a 6/49 lotery. The knowledge I got from these exercises have paid me much more in a day-to-day job than I could have won in a lotery.

So if you have a specific question, I can probably answer it (it I have the database) otherwise though luck.

An example of what is just a few clicks away.

With numbers out in the 1994 draws, then:
- for N1, 75.2% are between 1 and 10;
- for N2, 77.1% are between 4 and 21;
- for N3, 75.6% are between 12 and 31;
- for N4, 77.3% are between 20 and 39;
- for N5, 75.7% are between 31 and 46;
- for N6, 79.1% are between 40 and 49.