time between draws is too short


usually i will do a combo 8, then pad that to $40.00 even with other combinations, keeping one or usually two numbers on each slip identical, then varying the other four per line. 35 again looks good - it is the highest drawn overall, was drawn as the bonus last draw, and about 65% of the time in bc/49, the bonus number shows up again the following draw. for the past several draws, the 1st number drawn has been an even number, so i will concentrate on an odd number for the first, perhaps going all the way down to one, and starting other lines with 13. when an 8 shows up (past draw), 5 and 13 seem to lurk close by. 10 and 40 also look good to me, as do 36,37,38, and the low forties. i am watching closely the next two draws. the following wednesday, i will increase my betting amount 1.5 times. i'll wear my glasses when i fill those slips out............
$54.00 PER DRAW !!


If what I understood is right then you must be playing $54.00 per draw...That's the right way to do it cause backup systems do work. But my problem is my budget is limited.

13 and 35 sound good to me and I am still waiting for 28 to show up. For this upcoming draw I will play AW 10 cost = $ 11.50 plus a Combo 7 as a backup. Thinking about 33-34-36 as well
Good luck.


Hey C&D,

you have a good discussion going here, keep it coming! Will be back on 2nd to jump in for the following Wed draw... got a lot of catching up to do ... see if we can scrounge another player whose name starts with A to complete the A-B-C-D quartet :D

Good luck and watch out for the OONS !:hair:

Buddy Brad

Come back so we can launch an allout attack as we need more ammunition for that.
And please don't forget to bring me some COOKIES :D :lol: :lol2: :bounce:


Some of your predictions came up like 1-35-41 I don't know if you won anything but it was a weird one a bit.
Don't know where to start from for this Sat but I still gonna play 28 as it has been dead since JULY !!
Also 16-18 could be there. As for the 40's anything is possible at this moment.
The 30's we could be looking for 33-34-36 ??


i want to retire

hi combo maniac, if that is your real name.....nope, not $54 total, just up to $40 total.....did semi-ok last night, got the 1,10,41 and of course my favourite 35 a number of times for 3/4, six times on two slips for $120, and three times for $150. on one slip i threw in the 17 on all 9 boards as a lock and that contributed also.....for saturday i am uncertain...just because, i will throw the 35 in again as a lock, and the 14 as well, as a lock. then i will wheel those two with: 13,23,33/24,44/16.,26,46/7,27,37,47/8,28,38,48. for a total of 80 plays, no combo this time, and i am uncertain......however, on sunday, as i watch nfl football and win no money on toto, i will be setting up 200 plays for the wednesday draw. some of that, perhaps 1/25, will go towards a double play, both bc/49 and 6/49. i could use some input on the 6/49 part cause i don't really pay attention to that

Yes Daleks,

You are a big gambler but hey this is the way to go if you have the money cause I know like you do that u win more than u lose.
Your predictions for the upcoming draw is promising especially the 8's. By the way sometimes quickpick Combo 8 does the job too.

As for 6/49 input I can't help at all but the gurus of 6/49 can help you in that even though they are on big losing streak.
However my advice is to stick to BC/49 cause u are doing very good here. 6/49 mostly repeats and unpredictable.


The nightmare continues, I guessed 16 and 38 right but lack of funds prevented me from matching 3/6 as 49 was next !!

11-16-32-38-45-49 B 10


me too with 2/6, guess my luck is running out......can i say that on this board ?.....was a little disappointed i missed the 11 and 49, usually keep an eye on them and they're favourites of mine.....looking forward to wednesday draw and will work hard at it tomorrow....right now the 14 still looks good to me (was the bonus 2 draws ago) as does the 49. when a number hasn't been drawn in a while, it seems to repeat right away...sometimes...let us know before wednesday, combomaniac, should you have flashes of insightful stuff........:( :sad: :sad: