The "Well-Behaved" 39...


My local lottery is a typical 6/49 (plus a bonus ball that doesn't matter much) with 2 draws per week. We now have around 1020 draws since it has changed to to the 6/49 format...

And ammong all the draws there's a number that appears
very frequently... number 39!!

Number 39 is very nice because it will appear almost certainly at least once every two weeks. It has a skip median of 2, but for example in the last 150 draws it
has hit 25 times with skips of at least 4. That and the
fact that in the last 150 draws it has hit 31 times (20%)...makes him the best bet in our local lottery...

I have a friend that some time after listinning to me
about this, won a bet against some of its relatives
during a lotto draw where 5 of 6 numbers had been
drawned and he stated that the next one would be 39!
(Which hadn't appeared in the last 3 draws)

So come on people, lets start talking have you ever noticed something like this on your lotteries???


You must be referring to the portuguese
lottery Loto2.
I think every lottery has these occurances one time or another.

That reminds me to find out the skip
median's for our 649. I have been
using the average which is very different.