The numbers speak for themselves!!!


Dennis Bassboss said:
Amazing I just noticed that there is 600 registered members on the greatest lottery forum site on the web !!! Great job LT!! :agree2: :eek:

I say we give him 2 thumbs up :agree2: :agree2: on a great job that he is doing!

I love this site and visit every chance I get and the people are all great and this is a clean board.

Keep up the Great work!



In Agreement

And I double those thumbs up :agree2: :agree2: :agree2: :agree2:

Everybody on this board is terrific!! And always there to help out and answer questions. :agree:

Can you imagine what the board would be like if all 600 people posted numbers?? WOW!!!


gosh and blush :blush: .. thank you all for your kind comments ... But I'm just the host and caretaker here trying to do a good job.
The reason for the success of this board is based upon YOU .. the members, your excellent contributions to this community and your dedication to helping others :agree2:
Bulletin boards are NOT like the movie says "build it and they will come" Lots of inexperienced newbies think that if they build their "field of dreams" (usually they don't even have the skills to build it themselves) then "they will come" but that is not the case.
Based firmly upon your contributions here, other visitors come to read the predictions, tips and share in the fellowship of lottery lovers like us.
I was very happy to see the membership reach the 600 mark but of even much greater significance is the non-member/guest count! If you notice the whois online feature at the bottom of the main page you will generaly always see a few or more "members" online but along with the regulars are usually a large group of guests (web surfers reading your posts, tips, advice etc.)
Based upon the page view counts (many times in the thousands per topic) this is NOT a small audience. The readership here is bigger than some small town newspapers :D
So please know that your contributions here are appreciated by a LOT of people and that you are very important members, not just of this bulletin board, but of the overall/international online lottery community :agree:

Thanks again and lets have a party when the membership hits 1000!!! :beer: :tuut: