The Forums have been upgraded


That sounds right Frank.

The database from the previous forums was as at Feb 01/20 and the upgrade forums went live on Mar 06/20.

We lost 1 thread (Feb 14/20) started by you with 5 replies and a post by Jack (Feb 19/20) for a total of 7 posts that were not able to be transferred over.


Good point Frank re the secured website.

The new system also provides us with a responsive display so that the site shows better on cell phones and other devices.


What is the meaning of the conversations tab and alert tab. Can we now send private conversations????
or is that still not available. Can't the log out button be more visible please.

BlouBul :cool:
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Hi BlouBul

The conversations tab is the same as the former private messaging and is shut off. The alerts tab is a new function which alerts the member to any new threads they are following as well as other alerts like trophies given etc.

The logout link is located by clicking on the member's name > an account dropdown appears and the logout link is the bottom bar. From what I have read, the logout button used to be in a different place in previous versions of this software but was changed to this position to be the same as facebook and google logouts. Apparently this is the preferred intuitive style.

I'll investigate further and see if the conversations tab is easily removable and if there is a workaround for adding an additional logout link.