The dry spell is over


Finally I am back to winning ways, it was the hard way.
I matched 3/7 ( Combo 7).
I had 2 systems for group. Sort of backup to each other and had numbers 13,41 on both systems.
btw it's the 2nd time out of 3 that Winhunter matches 4/16 not bad eh...I just need more understanding for filters. Do you understand all of them ?
If we do, I believe we can match 5/16 few times ( only for BC/49).


Which version are you running? I have 0.2.0, haven't sorted it out yet. Almost 'understood' 0.1.3, maybe I should re-install it in another directory. 4/16 is great, keep it up! There must be a few abr. wheels that pay off with that. Not sure of the filters yet.
Full wheel 16 if 4 would get you $12K+ for $4004 :D ... right now I'd settle for 40/3.5.
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I have 0.14 which is better than 0.22 which I just got.
0.22 is annoying.
I tell you 6/49 is a failure. haven't tried S7 but will try on a small basis as we don't play it that much.
I need to get to know the filters so we can try to match 5/6.
Finally, like u said we can't scan S7... is there a remedy for that ?


:agree: , 0.1.4 is more user friendly, and I use that term loosely. Try an S7 format without hyphens, use 'spaces' instead...but save your old file just in case...and let me know how it turns out :p: . I think the prog has potential but untill our programmer buddies tidy it up we users have to feel around in the fog !:dizzy:



Post your 0.1.4 filter settings in the WINhunter forum, I will convert them over to the 0.2.2 version....

Also, I will start a thread in the forum about what you like dislike between the versions. LEt me know, I can change things around you know, it isnt cast in concrete (yet...) ;)

Winhunter isn't just for me, help me make it something you will use ALOT... I know it does not wheel numbers, but that does not mean that it can't. I have just focused mainly on the prediction/elimination side of things.