thanks for the welcome note


thank you combomaniac and brad for the welcome to the numbers kicked in last night in the bc/49 draw, five of them ending with the unit digit at 5 or under, and the most drawn, 35, as well, drawn as the bonus number....i managed four of the others, plus the 35 in a number of combinations.......yes, i have matched 5/6 several times, most recently mid-september, playing 10,20,30,40 and several 2's and 4's. 8 number combo play, 28 lines, costs $14, and pays back $2350 if five numbers hit. bc/49 pays only $500 for the 5/6....earlier in the year i had success with 7's and 4's, and 5's and 2's.....yesterday was the 14th time this year that i have managed 5/6, sometimes standing alone, sometimes in several times i will include the 37,38,or 39, especially if the 40's have taken big hits in the weeks other times there will be periods when the 6,7,8,and 9 unit numbers dominate. i have not succumbed to the temptation to chase them, stayed with my system of 5 or below, and eventually rewarded with crumbs of different sizes.....the next draw looks iffy, it is rare that twice in a row five #'s below five come up, so the 35 and low forties look good.......again thanks for the welcome....

I should have listened to your hints last night.
I would love to taste the 5/6 in a Combo 8 ticket, hasn't happened yet but who knows.
Well according to what you said, you are doing very good indeed and you might very soon hit 5+/6 or the whole thing.
As for next draw you mentioned early 40's, that sounds good but how about 46 and 49 ? they both have been dead for a while.
NO need to thank us for anything. We just need people form BC starting showing up and share any info/hints etc etc....That way there is a chance of winning consistently like YOU and that's the whole concept. No need to win tha Jackpot if you are going with that rate cause eventually you will GATHER/COLLECT 50,000 in a short time !!
Do you play Combo 8 every draw ?