Texas Pick 3 July


Made it over to the new thread <G> Slept late so didnt play today's Daily. Had a minor problem during the night that interrupted my sleep :eek:

From what little work I did yesterday for the Daily today I was seeing a probable Twentie's Sum Total....think I was going to go with either 7 or 9 in the first and 5 in the 3rd.

In another analysis I did, it appears that digits in 2 sets are being used more then digits from 3 sets with the lean towards 3 LOPs compared to digits being on 2 LOP's.

The first is a 73 to 58 for 2 Set use and 65 to 58 use of LOP with 12 games coming from 1 LOP. 3 of those 12 are Triples and 9 are Doubles that have been found on 1 Level of Play.

Might also take note that when 2 LOPs are used it is ever so slightly 50/50 will be a Doubles game rather then a 3 digit game as there is a 44 to 20 ratio here.

It's 3 times more likely that a 3 digit game will come from 3 LOPs then 2 LOP's.
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Well....wasnt quite high enough (659) but the 5 & 9 did play even though not in the position I thought they might :lol:

At least the combination did Sum Total 20 ;)


Tomorrow's Daily Pick 3: seeing an EVEN game, Sum Total less then 20 (so rules out 20's), 2 CL's/2 LOP which brings the possibility of a Double's with 1 digit repeat of 6, 5, & 9. If doubles the 2 digits will come from 5+ games out.


Well....today's Daily was an Even game and while did go small didnt go quite as small as I figured.....436. Was a 1 digit repeat of the 6 and instead of a 22 (2CL/2LOP) was a 33 (3CL/3LOP).

Think Im going to concentrate on just 1 of the games for a while.....the Daily.....so can get a handle on some new techniques I've been trying and able to use my software with.

If I can tell how many CL's and LOP's will be used along with either the Denomination and/or number of digits, I can reduce the number of possible combinations down considerably to pick from.

Sometimes if I have the Alpha Pattern and the CL/LOP settings I often come up with only 2-4 combinations to play!


about what you said about pairs. I track them as consecutive pairs: 01-12-23-34-45-56-67-78-89-90
of which we just had 5 hits in a row, so looks like there's going to be a lull now. I haven't added up each skip period for a consec hit yet, but from looking it over it usually hits within 5 games, so any skip of 4+ games without a consecutive would be a strong indication to bet a consecutive pair. I'm gonna be working mainly on the pick *6* for awhile, while the JP is growing. Good luck! :)


Thanks....I understand now more by what you consider "consecutive" which is definitely a difference in my pair tracking.

Good Luck on the "6"!

PS: Monday I think the Daily is switching back to ODD ;)


Peter....CL and LOP to me are Card Level and Level of Play.

I take the Game Card and divide the 10 digits into pairs based upon the Game Card. 0-1 is CL 1, 2-3 is CL 2, 4-5 is CL 3, 6-7 is CL 4 and 8-9 is CL 5. Sometimes the digits that play come from 3 different CL's and other times they come from 2 CL's. Right now 2 CL's seem to have the edge over 3 CL's for the Texas Daily.

Regards the LOP....or Level of Play....this relates to how many games it's been since something has played. The last Daily game for Texas was 436 therefore it is on LOP 1. The day before that 659 played. Since the "6" repeated and stayed on LOP 1, the 5-9 moved to LOP 2....2 games out.

All other digits moved another LOP out until they play and then they return to LOP 1. What I've noticed is most of the time digits will play before they get further then 4 LOP's from when last played.

I track the number of digits that play on LOP's 1-4 and in another tracking I watch whether 1 or more digits will play 5+ games out.
Rebeckah would call this H and C.....Hot and Cold.

Whenever I can determine there will be no digits 5+ out to play, I can eliminate any digits on levels 5 and higher from consideration.
For instance, 0, 2 & 1 are all 5+ games out on the Texas Daily Pick 3 and I think they can be eliminated for Mondays game.

There are instances where the opposite can happen. Can rule out all digits on LOP's 1-4 when my chart indicates 3 digits will come 5+ LOP's.


Well....while the Daily didnt go ODD which I favored I did have some success with my CL/LOP selection. figured would be a 2CL/3LOP and it was! There was a 1 digit repeat as I expected and 1 digit over 5+ out that I didnt expect.

Still left my software open to generate all possibilities without eliminating Evens or digits 5+ out. What I got was 12 different sets of 3 digits and the ones that played was one of them!

Today's Daily was 706 and my software generated 607 & 067 for exacts! My 3 favorite combo's were 675, 679 and 689. At least I had 2 of the digits!

Inch by inch Im closing in figuring out how to come up with the exact!


p.s. i hope all the texans are o.k. after the weather you have just encountered....




Lucky......I dont think all the States that have Pick 3 pay out the same, however, the majority of them might pay as Texas does.

For every 50 cents you spend on an EXACT and hit you get $250.00. This equate to $500 for $1.00. If you take the same 50 cents and bet it "any order" it pays $40 ($80.00 for $1.00).

You can also play a 50 cent "Exact/Any Order" and spend $1.00 (50 cents per type) and if hit get $290 or just $40 depending on whether you hit the exact or not. A Combo at 50 cents would be all possible combinations of the 3 digits and would cost you $3.00 for the same $250 if you had the 3 digits that did play.

The Doubles pay out a little different for the "Any Order" and you get more for your $ if you get the digits that do play. You still get the $250/$500 for the 50 cent and $1.00 EXACT play. For the Any Order you get $80 for the 50 cent and $160 for the $1.00.

A combo on Doubles at 50 cents would cost you $1.50 to play...$3.00 if $1.00 combo. Most of the time if I think I have the Doubles but not sure of the exact order, I will spend $1.50 and play the Combo for $250 instead of the $3.00 for the $500.

Still getting 2 digits here :( Today the Daily was 208 and I had 320 and 980.



Did a Repeat Chart and found something interesting. The digit "3" hasnt repeated now in 73 games! Next is the digit "1" which hasnt repeated in 49 games, and "4" hasnt repeated in 38 games.

Then it drops dramatically to 13 games since "2" has repeated immediately followed by "9" that hasnt repeated in 12 games.

Then it takes another jump to the "8" last repeating 6 games back followed by the "5" repeating 5 games ago with the most recent repeat being the "7" two games ago and the "6" three games ago since there was no repeat for the Daily today.

73 games is the longest stretch that a digit has gone since 2-3-2003 without repeating too. There have been a couple of digits that have gone 55 & 59 though. The average seems to be somewhere between 12-20 games.