Texas joins Powerball


Well lookey there :lol2:

Texas has decided to join the Powerball after all. Guess I just might dump my tX lotto data & pick up PB instead. Suits me fine since next year or so I'll be moving to New Mexico which is a PB state too. & NM lotto is a dud. Just like TX lotto will become unless they change it again to something easier to win.

I don't know tho. It's the worst of the old 6/54 plus a bonus ball. :sick: About as impossible as that Italian lotto :lol:
Powerball odds: 1 in 120million
TX Lotto odds: 1 in 47 million

It'd be nice if I could track both. PB also has a larger group of people who discuss the game & post on it, {not here tho ~yet) so I'd finally have some game companions. & PB JPs get bigger quicker. & TX will slow down considerably now that we'll all play PB. Just wait & see. & history has proven that PB commitee projections are seriously overdone for the states revenue, as Ohio will testify. TLC cut their own throat AGAIN. DUMBASS!
mebbe I should write Mr Greer again... heehee :clown: