Technical ??? For LT


hi, LT...maggie's near win got me using my WAP cell phone last night (Samsung A540) to access this site (have no electricity or landlines at home).....and although i found the site, i was unable to open it......nor was i able to open the "register here" portal.....on the PC version, the log-in feature is at the bottom right corner....on the WAP phone i scrolled some 20 pages to the end, and was unable to find if possible appreciated.....peter


Hi daleks,

That's neat .. phones that conect the Internet. My daughter uses her cell to surf as well. Me I need a big screen and normal puter hooked to a cable line. I guess that I'm getting Internet old fashioned all ready :)

"and although i found the site, i was unable to open it" ... I'm going to assume that you could get to (open) but could not login or post etc.

That must be because the tool to connect is a phone. A while back a silly person attempted to do harm to these forums by trying to steal the membership list and returning here under various aliases to do harm to our community. These forums had to then diminish the historically wide open welcome mat and require more secure login proceedures. My guess is that a cell phone does not have the capabilities for what is required here .. cookies etc. But I'm certainly not any expert on how the web and cell phones interact so maybe a more knowledgeable person could shed some additional light on this matter.