Super 7 prediction March/01/2002

Here they are again....

****19-41**** When they are in the red zone...usually they come...

:cool: :cool:


dennis they look lucky. I'm off to get my tickets with those selections :D
Results tonite are 01-04-08-11-14-18-19 bonus 05
WOW! 4 + bonus for dwoods99 Congrats!
Hope you cash in big! Very nice call! Excellent call!
But what a draw ! A spread of only 19......With the 20 numbers wheel + DN we would have caught the 8 numbers!:) :cool:
And this is only the beginning folks some of us will nail the 5 and 6
numbers mark soon....
As for me tonight I only have one but again one of my hints 19 came up! The 41 will also come very soon you can bet on it! :cool:
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Well done Dwoods

Way to go. I hope next time you match 5 or perhaps 6 + Bonus !
Who knows anything can happen.
The amazing thing is that someone won the $5,000,000.00 !!
Keep the winning streak going.



Decided to play this one for fun.
Now that's what I call playing for fun :D

I wasn't going to play and then I had 10 minutes waiting for the pizza to pick up !
I quickly made a 5-wheel play with 19-41 and 8 numbers. Out of those 5 tickets, 4 won (4, 3+1, 3, 4, 3) and the fifth had 2+1. Of the 10 other tickets generated by the Super7 terminal, I matched 3 numbers on 1 ticket.

So, total is 3 x $10, plus 2 free tickets :)
Too bad I did not match 4 for at least $120.

Yes, this was dumb luck... but I'll take it !
I picked 18 for no other reason other than it was close to 19 in case 19 did not come up.