super 7 next 5 weeks bonus draws

I know the next bonus draw next friday is 19 million and the next five super 7 draws r bonus with the last 1 being 30 million.
my question does anyone know what the other draws r worth?


I can't find anything either, beyond next Fridays draw. Guess I'll have to ask my friendly retailer that tomorrow. :agree:


Someone else had the answer here on anther its there quote!

MAR 21st - $19 mil

Mar 28th - $22 mil

Apr 04th - $25 mil

Apr 11th - $30 mil

lets win big

ok lets all play them to the hilt? and somone we know win.I thing we could all use a million or 2 to :) and chuckle about.
Good luck to all.And may the best numbers win.