suggestion for LT - a Winners Circle category


hi, LT...been absent from board (and civilization in general) for a few peeking through some past posts, would like to discover whether anyone has won anything of about a seperate posting category somewhere on the board, where winners of say....a few thousand dollars, or less if the story behind it is good, can post their bragging rights,,,,at the same time let people know that all is not lost, and there are winners out there.......:beer: ..........cheers


Hey daleks ... welcome back!
Hope that you had a great spring trip in the pristine wilderness :agree2:

Re the winners circle, we were kicking around that idea a while back. I think it was thornc who suggested a special area as well. End result was to leave things as is with the ususal applauses to our winners in the draws discussions. But be sure when members hit the BIG ones there are going to BIG announcements here :D