Sugesstion for LT


I was wondering if you can add a smiley for LUCK!

:luck: or :ladyluck: or even :goodluck:

have a four leaf clover or a horseshoe
or any other suggestion that may be added here...


Also you can put something in the Lottery Glossery for Luck...
or even badluck!!!!


Good sugestions Sheba .. I'll find a "lucky" smilie and post any good definition anyone has 4 lucky or unlucky in the glossary :agree2:


luck, noun- a magazine published by bclc, listing all the numbers you did not pick for all the lotteries you did play.

lucky- making it to the retailer's lottery terminal before the deadline posted for the cutoff time for the lottery you wish
to play.

damn lucky-having found money in your pocket to play
those numbers.

unlucky-having satisfied the conditions of lucky and
damn lucky, finding the person in front of you in line at the retailer is counting out their change to pay for their cat
time ............................and now it's two minutes past the hour.

damn lucky (2)-remembering that you still have a six-pack at home and can save your money for the next draw:beer:
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