Some BC49 stats


Yes. Seems strange no winner for 2 years and very few 5+B winners.
Just the lower tiers.
I was told the whole thing is fixed.
Being computer generated, maybe it is.
The fact they are supposed to be supervised by some accountant means very little as he wouldn't know a fix from the real thing.
The guy I spoke to claims they generate the end digits, check who might have them after the draw closes and then fill in the front numbers to ensure no winner.
I don't know how that would work. maybe, Colin could vent on it.
Be interesting to steal that computer and reverse-engineer that chip!


wow i think the flaw is no accumulation of the jackpot? if it was allowed to collect a jackpot over $2M im sure it would get more players? or does it sit at $2M because no one ever plays it? lol


2 million

Hi, no the jackpot is set at 2 million and never carried over or built up as a results of no wins, all subsidiaries are the same too.
Because it is a provincial lottery not alot of people poay it either despite it only a $1 a line cost. 1/2 of the national 6-49 cost.


Still crappy LOL
Dollar a play for each line...hardly ever hits, again maybe because there are few playing.