Significance Of Bonus Numbers


Has the subject of including bonus numbers in lotto analysis already been beaten to death here? If so, I will refrain from going into it. Just for the record, I say they should be disregarded.


Just e-mail the lottocorp, and suggest to them to stop drawing a bonus ball as you do not include it in your stats.:lol:


Thank you for being the first and only member to respond to this Peter. While I can appreciate the humour in your response, it really doesn't answer my question does it? But that's OK. I can take a little friendly ribbing.

I asked it only because in another thread, Beaker was inquisitive about why I don't count the bonus number. Before answering that, I wanted to know if that thorny subject has already been extensively dealt with prior to my arrival in this community. I think it is a fairly reasonable question and I expected a fairly reasonable answer. In the absence of such an answer, I must assume that one of two conditions is true:

A - The subject has already been discussed to the point of exhaustion and nobody cares.

B - The subject has not been discussed, but nobody cares.

In either case, it seems clear that nobody cares and I will now include myself among that number.



Sometimes Doc, a thread gets buried, when new threads start up, plus being a long weekend and all. My response was short, cause I got in late, and my thinking was a longer response will come when I have more time,
Yes this subject has been talked about before, but it would'nt hurt to hear thoughts on it again, particularily, since their are many new members.
I myself include the bonus number in all my stats.
You could say to yourself, well its only good, if you have the other 5 numbers.
But I look at it this way, you don't know , which of the 49 numbers will be the bonus ball, and if creating a set to play you would want to make sure of its inclusion.
For statistical purposes, my point in the above post was this:
The lotto draws a bonus ball, it is part of the draw, so therefore it must be included.
I can draw this comparison, if a hockey player scores a goal in OVERTIME, should that goal be included in his personal stats.
The answer should be yes, just because he did not score in the regular game, his goal was still part of the game.
doc said:
Has the subject of including bonus numbers in lotto analysis already been beaten to death here? If so, I will refrain from going into it. Just for the record, I say they should be disregarded.
You will learn slowly in time Doc....You will slowly....Well I hope so....But don't be obsessed about it... :lol:


Hi all,

I think it depends on the game which you are playing. To use an analogy, different animals have different characteristics, and you as a lottery "hunter" have to take that into account when you go hunting.

For my Singapore 45 +1 B game, the bonus ball has a tendency >60% of the time to repeat again as the main ball. Therefore I always include it in my picks and hence analysis.



Sorry, I've been sick & off-line for a few days. I never tracked BB cuz for as long as I've been playing with my systems, I've had a regular 6/54 game with no BB. Now, however, we've switched to a BB: 5/44 + 1/44 {Texas). So, yes I will be tracking the BB & looking to see what it does. If you're a systems player, the best thing is to look at EVERYTHING! Cuz you never know where you'll find a trend that will help you pick winners. :agree2:

Doc, if you're not getting enough feedback on the subject you can try doing a search thru past threads & see if that helps? & not to you personally, but all newbies: I also recommend being a regular poster, as peeps are more likely to discuss stuff if you're a known poster. Post your predictions. Who cares if they're wrong. Someday you may be right! We've had lots of people come in ask questions and then we never hear from them again. So, why should we make the effort if newbies won't give anything back? If we efforted every time, then people like poor Dennis would have to post an explanation of announcers at least once a week. :sleeping: