Sheba's Weather Part II...the Great Canadian Lottery Survival Trek and Gold Rush


Dear Sheba.....just heard from Billy and Anna and the horses --they are on the road bringing your fir-laden firewood -- but they got stuck on the ferries.......i am hoping that BRAD or COMBOMANIAC might meet the ferry -- you're closer, COMBOMANIAC--you could hand them off to BRAD

show us some of the b.c interior, and guide those poor souls to the eastern british columbia border, where they could be met by someone from The Far East who could then guide them across the rest of the way to your house.

38 /
______________/ ............this is a leakystrong box aboard the horse sled, and it is carrying a DN number which i would like to play in the 6/49 draw this coming Saturday. I am hoping that when Brad and Combomaniac guide the sled across British Columbia, the wilds, they will add two more numbers to it. Once it hits the Ontario border and Quebec, I am hoping those guides will fill it with 8 other numbers, which i will then wheel for saturday's draw..........perhaps they could add things to the sled, too to keep Billy and Anny warm......long journey those kids are on,,,,,,right across Canada in less than a week......

Happy Trekking............:beer:
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:lol: :lol: ... OK ... I'm ready! Just restrung my Faber snowshoes, fish fed and harnessed the huskies ... will wait for the Maniac to meet me in Merritt, then guide to and thro the Rockies ... hope dwoods can take over from there. Adding 12 ... Mush!!!