Searching for 'Lotto Pro Plus' Disk


Very glad to see the site back in operation! I found it had been offline when I had to re-register today.

Looking for a copy of the 'Lotto Pro Plus' for pc on one floppy disk DOS ver. 2.1-4.0. Program was authored by Micromedia/div of Cascade Sierra in Seattle, Wa. in 1988. Small program, about 315kb. Lost mine on a puter crash and my back-up copy is corrupted. On my previous post(now lost) several offered suggestions but so far I haven't been able to find the software. I'm hoping that someone out there will have an old copy of 'Lotto Pro Plus' in their library.

I've been using the trial version of Lottery Director to input my own favorite wheels and it works great. I'd recommend their full featured program to anyone looking for something with all the 'bells & whistles'.


Hi mango .. glad 2 C that U found your way back home :)

Sorry but I do not know of a link to that program but I remember that some members did have some places for you to check out. Hopefully they will post those spots again.

PS .. yes Joe Robert's Lottery Director is a very good program!



the site posted then was but I take it you had no luck finding the prog there ? Not sure where else to look.

-the above site has: PC-Lotto Pro 3/3 and 2/2, Lotto Professional v 3.1 but no L. P. Plus that I could see.
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