Searching for Combomaniac


This sort of ties in to a post by bigsis2uca, searching for Dennis Bassboss to find this site again. Came up with 3 sites when "searching" for my friend Combo. One was some crazy Space Station Zeta game (coincidence? :D ), another actually led to our ws, but the last one was the kicker ... try this for a good chuckle :clown:

That was a good one Brado

Very funny :lol:
I should call you Brado from now on cause if I search for Brad only, I will be lost in the desert :D
Even Brado isn't good enough

While searching for Brado I got lost in the desert so I think I should call you BradOON Master :lol: That way I can find you I hope :agree:

BCLC finally put down the real odds for S7.
1 : 62,891,499 rather than the deceptive 1 : 20,000,000
it's good they mention PER SELECTION. That was in the new Lotto Guide small Booklet.