Saying hi, new guy here

Hey there,

Just wanted to say hi to all, i stumbled across this site by mistake and well it caught my attention. I am a 26 year old chef from toronto who, like you all loves to dream about the "what if and how comes of the lotto".
You could call me a rookie so to speak i like to think i have a clue about the odds and the chances but, for some reason picking one set of numbers and 2 quik picks plus encore just doesn't seen to comfort that question of why can't i win?.
So just wanted to let you all know that im always up for a chat and could be the best sholder to throw out suggestions ok i don't bite (just bark)

so cheers everyone hope to hear from you all


:wavey: :wavey:


Hello torontochef1976!

I'm a newbie to this great site as well. You'll find lots of good information and the members are eager to share. Have fun!

welcome.And you will love this website.Everyone loves a new member to join the group.
we all in our hearts need to win the big 1.and we try hard to pick the write numbers to win the big 1.
so again join in and give your guesses.we all need some help