SA lottery results:First 3 draws


Here are the results of the first three 649 draws.Any suggestions for the 4 th draw are most welcome.No luck yet for myself.
1st: 3-12-21-29-38-48 (11 bonus )6 winners
2nd: 1-7-32-35-46-47 (36 bonus )no winners
3rd: 3-11-13-18-44-45 (19 bonus )no winner.
I applied suggestions of harmonized 100 list
combinations from #48-#62and looked for hot numbers and numbers not yet hit.Predicted 2 out of the six (11+18)correct this way.

Lotto Tutor

Hi luckyfish,

hmmmmmmmm this would be a real challenge with only 3 draws of information.
Just for fun ... don't mortgage the house
... but lets look a what has not happened yet. Not what numbers have not occurred but what group of numbers may be deficit. Now in a mature lottery one measures trends and in a very overly simplified statement one measures what is hot. In the special circumstances of a lottery that is just starting one should look at what has not yet happened knowing that "on average" all numbers in a 6/49 have a tendence to appear within approx 25 draws.
For your lottery luckyfish, our only "hot number" so far is 3 .. so include 3 in your pool. When we look at the last three draws there is an emerging pattern in the tens group hits ie:
Draw one has one number <10 #3, two numbers in the 10's group #12 and #11(bonus) and I am including the bonus number because we are starved for analysis information .. do not include the bonus number for analysis in a mature lottery, one number in the 30's # 38 group and one number in the 40's group. We can see from the next draws 10's grouping patterns that there appears to be clumping in the 30's group, 40's group and 10's group.
So far in total we have 4 representatives of the <10's group, 6 from the tens group, only 2 from the 20's group, 4 from the 30's group and 5 from the 40's group.
Again ..just for fun.. why not try numbers 20 to 29, add the number 3 because it has occured twice, throw in the number 11 because it has appeared twice (once as a bonus), add the other two bonus numbers because they have not yet shown up as regular numbers and select 3 numbers each from the hotest groups of 10's and 40's.
ie: 10, 14 and 15 have not yet appeared and 40, 41 and 49 have also not yet shown up.
This gives us a 20 number pool to wheel:
These would be the Top 20 predictons for the South African 6/49

Put them in the wheel and then filter the bets for unusual sums and combinations..particularily more than 3 sequential numbers when we are using so many 20's in our pool. Let us know the results from your next draw and good luck.

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Lotto Tutor

Well luckyfish, the 20 number prediction pool for the 4th draw in the South African 6/49 has given us enough for a 3 number winner potential. 01-05-11-22-40-42 B=43 I hope that you had a ticket with all 3 in one combination. The 20's group contiues to be "due". I would continue to play this set for at least the next 4 draws. It's too bad that the draw only occurs once a week as it will take longer to establish a database. You can bet that this lottery will shift to draws twice a week, just like the Canadian 6/49 did, as soon as the lottery officials realize that two draws a week means twice as much money generated


Results of 4 th draw in SA lottery:
1-5-11-22-40-42 ( bonus 43 )no jackpot winners.
Predicted 3 correct(5-22-40 )thanx for tips.