response to peter


I have nothing against delta numbers or any other system people use to win lotto.When I post my numbers and someone were to use some or all of them great. maybe by using mine or someone else numbers it helps them to better tune their program,letting them win more often. I now relize I was quite strong in what I said and I am sorry if I hurt anyone feelings including fipper. Everyone has to relize their are time zones in Canada as we all do not live in the same city. Just because some people get four or more numbers out of twenty they win that amount. how they filter the numbers, wheel them and how many tickets they buy is the biggest factor of winning. THE THING IS THEY GOT SOME OF THE MANY $$$$ THEY SPENT BACK TRYING TO DO JUST THAT.


Everybody on this bullitin board enjoys playing the various lotteries, and everyone has some thoughts and ideas as to how to improve and increase their chances of winning some sort of cash prize. It is this sharing of information that helps all of us increase our odds.If I were to win say two million for example and had to split that prize with someone I am still ahead 1 million more than I had before the draw, still not to shabby.As for the other prizes, theres enough money to go around for everyone. So I say to everyone who contributes Thank you and keep up the great thoughts, discussions and ideas, and thanks for sharing.--------- Peter