request for LT

Hello LT

Could you email me the free LotWin Lite as I have already contacted the owners and gave them my email but no reply.

I might ask you for questions about the Lotto Analyzer later on if you don't mind.

As for the Lottery Prog I was talking to you about, it was a DOS oriented prog which was very smart. But the problem was, it's limited to 1 month then it's over.



Hi CM,

I cannot send a copy of Lotwin Lite Free to you as it would contravene the license agreement. Here is some of it below:
<<LotWin UK Lite & Free Licence Agreement
Upon your acceptance of this Agreement, FutureSoft Ltd grants you a non-exclusive,
non-assignable licence to use the Software, provided that you agree to the following:
1. Load the Software and use it on a single computer which is under your control.>>

I will email them and see why links to pages are changing ... maybe they are no longer offerring the free version? They were as of 2 days ago? All one had to do was send an email telling them which lottery that you played.
It is very confusing .. they have LotWin Lite Pro and another regular - both with demo downloads but the one that is Free is LotWin UK Lite & Free.
I'll let you know if I find out anything.

Re Loto Analyzer ... Dennis is the expert with that program. Also I noticed on their site that a new version 2002 is due out soon ... and it is really free and not confusing :)

Re your other program limited to one month. That would be a shareware program. They are ok to have an intial look at the features but the truly free and good ones are of course the best.



Hi CM,

There is an update on this topic in the announcements category. Looks like there will be a new (better?) free version available soon.