Repeating numbers last 5 draws


In Totoloto 6/49, number 6 came last 5 draws and number 7 came last 4:


4 times they came in the same position! number 6 in first and number 47 in 6th.

Wondering if this happened in other lottos... and if this can make someone to suspect about the randomness ...



We had a smaller version of this in 6/49 back in Nov/Dec 2002:

1 2 12 30 37 43 B47
1 3 4 11 34 40 B47
1 14 26 30 33 38 B21

Don't know if there's much significance to it though since, in chaos, there are certain short burst of order for no apparent reason, thus the very embodiment of chaotic behaviour.


In Can_Lotto649, I've seen four repeaters but ... alone, one number each time, I don't remember ...

I'd like, to test those balls (6 and 47), if I could ... :smash:
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Not random draws?

Two things to consider

First do you know if balls 6 and 47 were the same in all draws and used in the same machine, mixed for the same amount of time, under the same environmental conditions, etc. as all these factors (and many others) are affecting the balls coming out). Most lotteries use different set of balls for drawings and they are regularly checked for uniformity (weight, roundness, rebound, etc.). This, at least, is valid for Canadian Lotto 6/49.

Second, try a little experiment. Using a coin or a random generator (for 0 for head and 1 for tail), generate a large number of coin tosses. You will be surprised how many times you will get 10 or more consecutive heads or tails. Based on that, can you conclude that the coin is rigged.

Using Excel, I generated 10 series of 5000 coin tosses. On average, for each 5000 coin toss, I got 5.7 series of 10 or more head or tails about evenly split. I even got one serie of 15 heads.



it's not a public knowledge, the pre-draw selection of balls, tests, changing balls, etc ... here. Players must agree that their public representatives are making their job.

6 balls from 49 are a more complex issue than a two faced coin, isn't it?

I know that it's possible a pair of numbers repeating during 4 or more draws in a random process, but it has a very low probability.

I don't know how much time your lottery takes to run the draw, from the time it finishes the acceptance of tickets.

Here we can play till 20.00 and the draw happens +- 2hours later. All the system is computerised!

In a similar system (UK National Lottery), draws happen +- 30 minutes after closing the acceptance of last ticket.

Relating the two ideas, is making players very suspicious, not only me!