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I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!

I just wanted to post to you a comment on the Play Pick 3 software game tool. Download a sample today {Click on Download}

Here was a happy customer:

Play Pick 3 AWESOME!!!!
Date: 7/3/2002 10:20:05 PM ET
From: TheGreenSage

Greetings lottery post I just want to talk briefly about a program I just downloaded called play pick 3. It already predicted todays evening number.. Once box and twice straight! I really enjoy the pick 3 and 4 prediction feature!! It RULES!! The only draw back at the moment is you can't push a button to update your drawings directly from a website or data base. I would hope that this would be a feature added to any future free upgrades along with adding 2 seperate drawing for states like ga, va, il, Ny ect that has 2 drawing a day which is midday and evening drawings for cash 3/4. I'm sure there may be a few bugs to work out as with any new product, but I am here to give it 5 stars or 5 cows or five balls whatever rating is considered the hightest rating for an very simple yet powerful program that is unique as well.

JOb well done. If we can improve in the areas I mentioned earlier I feel you have created a classic and first class piece of software. I'm using windows 98 with dsl on one computer and windows 95 on another which will soon be updated to windows 2000 or xp. With that said keep up the great work and a program no matter how good it is is only as good as it's product support. Take care and I will be sending out my payment tomorrow. You got a customer here and I have reccommended it to all of my friends who knows that I am a sage when it comes to software and systems and many ways ot predict numbers, but you my friend are on to something! I hope the lottery post support you and this wonderful piece of software! Hosni great reccommendation and Pick 3 fairy you my home girl have got to get this one. I will email you later. Good hit in ga also.

The Green Sage

Todd's message: By the way, I am going to be putting a Full Version of the PP3 on my site sometime late next week.


Todd K. Rowan:wavey: