Quick Pick


Hi- Do you think that using the Quick Pick(machine selected numbers) as a basis and combining it with your own selected numbers could improve your chances of winning?.


luckyfish that might be a strategy of tapping into what numbers are happenning for that draw??
A non empirical strategy more like biorythums and destiny approaches?
I heard of someone who like so many others, had bought quick picks regularily for years and had never won anything. Their strategy was to buy several quick picks and then eliminate those numbers from the overall pool on the experience that they never hit :) Whatever quick pick theory is used it is undeniable that lots of jackpot winners got the win on a quick pick! Let us know how it works for you.

Quick Picks could be deadly :)


You could use quick picks in full wheeling systems of 8,9 or more if you can afford it.
I did match 4/6 few times using quick picks in 8 full wheeling system.
I have seen many winners matching 5/6 or 5/6+ bonus using full wheeling systems w/ Quick Picks.
Good Luck.