Wondering if anyone is familiar with Norton SystemWorks? It was checking Disk Integrity and I got a msg.saying "unable to operate on C drive because it is in use by unknown disk utility. Please close unknown disk utility to operate on drive C"

Can someone here tell me what it means? Thanks :)


Norton Utilities 4.0 - Win95/98

Document ID:199821383612
Last Modified:11/22/1999

Error: "Unable to operate on drive X: because it is in use by unknown disk utility" when Running Norton Utilities Module

Norton Disk Doctor, Image, Rescue or Speed Disk display the message "Unable to operate on drive C: because it is in use by Unknown disk utility."

One of the hard drives may be compressed with DriveSpace 3, and System Doctor is running.

This seems to occur most often when you run Norton Disk Doctor, Image, Rescue or Speed Disk on a compressed hard drive while Norton System Doctor is also running. To avoid this error, close the Norton System Doctor before running one of these utilities.

If you do not have a compressed drive, close any programs running in the background before running the utility that displays this message.

If the problem is not resolved, the cause might be file corruption on the drive. Run Norton Disk Doctor or ScanDisk to correct the problem.


Hi Maggie

I myself just got that program on Thursday past and had no trouble yet... Let me know how you like it!
I did run something on it and had lots of errors...
SO i just let it fix them...

Thanks ...Sheba


Thanks, Beaker, I'll keep playing with it. My daughters boyfriend installed it, if I can't fix it, I'll call him to do it. I like the program, it's already repaired 38 problems on here. I just can't seem to get past that one error though.


My advice is to stay clear away from Norton System Works. Although these utility programs are well designed when you run them manually - but the components that run in the background are more trouble than their worth. I losed most of my hard
drive information four years ago. They have not changed much since. Many technicians would not even look at your computer if you had any of these Norton products installed. It also slows your system, conflicts with many programs etc...
I'm a sucker for all the info Norton gives but it comes with a price. I'll do my own maintenence thankyou.