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Hi Tiki,
I found your Jan.17 post interesting, would you be willing to describe it more fully?
3/10 may not be "earth-shattering" but if achieved as consistently as you say it would be worth going back in the draw history to see how consistently. Food for thought: a full wheel of 10 numbers which needs 210 lines, has a guarantee of 35x 3/6 prizes. Applied to some provincial lotteries (such as BC49) at $.50/line would yield $350 return on $105 - not too shabby! I'm probably not telling you anything new but I think you may have a good system that's worth exploring further.

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Great post!! You're absolutely right. If consistency can be maintained, the possibility is real that you could turn a consistent profit out of playing the lottery with Tiki333's approach. Even with the national 6/49, getting $350 on a $210 investment is a better return that any bank account, or the stock market for that matter. Another possibility is a 50 combination wheel with a 5 if 5 guarantee which yields a minimum of 7 $10 winners if 3 numbers are matched out of 10. That's still 40% profit on that draw. It's definitely less net profit but then you're risking a quarter of the money.
Food for thought...

Thanks again for the insight, Brad


Good news and Bad News,
The good news - it did a 3-number win line again, not a miss yet, but it did cost $10 to get it.
The bad news - I have played a set a numbers for a few years now (ok, so I have an emotional attachment to a few numbers and my head is 18 inches from the heart) Well... still there?... four numbers won for $69.

I work at LEAST one hour per draw, to make a measly $10 that I had to spend to get it,
and numbers 1 7 33 40 (that I must have spent a couple of hundred dollars on by now) make more BY CHANCE !!

I know, get over it.

Sure, I get what you mean in the above msgs.
My husband tells me just to duplicate the tickets and we'll be rich, but I don't know which line is going to win and of which combination $5 box.
Am I missing something here?

There is no system, I just take the bottom half of both the most drawn and the most recent and determine the ratio of the previous drawn numbers, then average them out. Last draw was 3.7 which I rounded up to four. It ain't that sophisticated gents, but I thought that if it could back-end filter a better system, there may be a bigger payout.

later, tiki333


Tiki333 I may have a possible complimentary strategy to your system that might enhance it.
Drop me an Email and let's check it out.

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