Question for Nick


Question for Nick and/or Beaker

I finally found the time to use LottoDesigner and
need some advice before I land the Super7.

Firstly do I have the latest ver.1.02B4?
I downloaded from your excel files on YahooGrps.

The parameters I enter always are outside the
limits when B (the amount of lines I want to
generate) is over 200.

Tell me what I need to do to fix the run-time error '76 path not found. I have LD in a folder
on my desktop.

BTW I love those constraints. Is there a limit?
I agree with you totally on small groups with
the right min/max and you can really surround the

That's all for now. Remember I'm an average user
so don't get fancy. LOL
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Beaker Beaker where are U?

I need some help and you know what to do.

What does Rqd mean right after the cell "Combinations" is that the required amount of sets
needed to comply with my parameters I entered.

Do you know how to raise the number of sets w/o
error messages?

and when does LD ever stop optimizing sets?

Hi Geenie,

Rqd is the theoretical number of tickets
required to satisfy your design's parameters.

The version you have downloaded is very
I'll prepare a newer version and I'll uploaded by Sunday.

Requirements are to have XL 2K+ to use it
without errors.

I'll allow 1000 tickets maximum.