Question for Nick Koutros


I saved my filters last night and when
I load them back today my filter names
are replaced by numbers. Really sucks
when you have over 30.

If I can change that let me know, if not
I will cut/paste next time.

Also I was just wondering about all those numbers in cells M-2 to S5 represent.

Hi Geenie,

You are correct.
That was a mistake from my part.
That numbering system I was following on the previous Builds.

I'll revise and I'll upload the file again.

You did not loose any of the Filter's Numbers, only the Filter's Names.

I'll also include some other Filters which are used by players like,
* Same Ending Numbers,
* Consecutives,
* Sum of Digits,

and also Group of Filters like
"Balanced Wheel Filters" and "Extreme Tail Filters"

If you have any other ideas /recommendations for Filters I'll be glad to hear from you.

The next part of your questions,

The data on M2-S5 represent the data for
the covering design.

I indented to provide a Graph in that area,
to show the covering space been occupied by your Design.
I'll have the Graph ready soon.

Also you indicated 30 filters.
Can you give an explanation about them.

Having many filters you may have a problem finding
the proper sets to comply with all these "constraints /hypotheses"
and also if any of the Minimum & Maximum values are outside of the results
then you may have the problem looking for the Jackpot on the
wrong area of the Lotto Game you play.

My experience with filters is that you shall have a main filter
and then you built on that "hypothesis".
The smaller the filter is, as of quantity of numbers that includes,
the better chances you have to be successful.



It's difficult to explain in short but my 30 or so filters rarely come
outside the results and are different for every draw.
It's a powerful way of eliminating very unlikely combinations.
I do use small min/max as well (these are the only ones somtimes come outside but that is my decision of what I think will show for that particular draw.
LD conforms to these perfect! I will email you a text file of my constraints soon and see exactly what I'm doing. I don't think
many if any are implimenting this way of eliminating.

I believe Salius mentioned this on his site.
A filter to check exactly one up and one down from every number in all the past history of combinations. He claimed this
will not happen in our lifetime.

For example if you wanted to play this set 2,6,11,25,34,40 the filter will check the past history and make sure neither one or two of the below sets have not been already drawn. If so then 2,6,11,25,34,40 will be eliminated.


Have you heard of that? I have no means of checking.

Now I must go download the latest versionof LD. :eek: