Question about Lottario


I bought 7 numbers for $7.00 dollars per entry form.
In return got 2 lines of 7 numbers each.
This was in the Lottario Combination Play.
For a total of 14 numbers over 2 lines.
This has no choice in choising these numbers.
I don't know if early bird draw qualifies in this case.

Instead, would it not be better to buy for $7.00 dollar
a free standing Lottario ticket, 7 lines of your choice.
numbers, plus 7 lines of random numbers. This is
14 lines of 6 numbers, plus a qualifier for Early Bird,
if bought between Saturday and Friday in the week of
Saturday draw.

I would like some discussion, opinion on tjhis post

Bye for Now


Correction Combinations

Combinations are New to me.
OLG has a good explanation of the use of Combinations
on their web site.

I previous stated you can not pick your numbers.
Wrong, input form provides for your picks

Early Bird draws are also provided.

I still don't know, if Combinations are worth playing

Sorry for the confusion.

By for Now


I'll have to look at that. Generally don't play Lottario due to lower jackpots and having to buy computer-generated plays. But this might be interesting when the jackpot gets up there.

Good Luck!