Quake Awakes


Frequency of quakes are faster than years ago when it used to happen once in a while but now it's very frequent and more heavier like today's 7.9 ( Richter scale ) in Alaska...
If this was in Seattle or Vancouver, Combomaniac would have been out of this world for sure.
Surely the End Of Days is very soon and Events around the world confirms that.

There is one Final Battle coming up very soon ( not USA vs IRAQ)
and we can feel it and things will change.
Those who invest in Stock Market, forget it cause it will collapse plus the fact that ppl who run it are all crooks etc etc....Ask Enron,NortelNetwork etc etc....

We better win the lottery b4 the next 20 years :agree2:



oh, oh.......i live only twent feet above the water on the waterfront..........

DOES ANYONE HAVE A BOAT FOR SALE ?? cheap......:eek: :eek:
daleks said:

oh, oh.......i live only twent feet above the water on the waterfront..........

DOES ANYONE HAVE A BOAT FOR SALE ?? cheap......:eek: :eek:
I can always sell you the Dennis BASSBOAT!!!When the waves are pounding on you you feel like this :bouncy: :lol:


In case you didn't understand my message. It was from a book I got for my
birthday called "Children of the Matrix" by David Icke. I haven't had time to
read it all but your post reminded me of it. He claims we are born into a world
controlled by a race other than humans (reptilians) and they have been manipulating earth for centuries ie. banks, weather, war etc. so one day they will take over the world. Sounds crazy but the way the world is today anything is possible! Also when I was in college I knew a girl who always claimed she
was in some forced mind control thing and everyone thought she was shizophrenic but who knows. Just wanted to clarify.



Hey Combo,

My advice.." go east young man, go east " or just head for the hills.

Just joshing ya!! ;) ;)

Thanks for the explanation i was lost :D
As Children Of the Matrix, it's close to future inevitable occurence when Gog and Magog come back literally to finish us off.

As for the reptiles I call them PARASITES, they control the banks, judicial system and most importantly the media. They are specific race ( humans).
The thing is their end is coming soon actually in 21 years maximum and that will be bad and good news of course depends which side you are on.
I am not gonna say who they are .....but most likely all of you here know what I am talking about.
Therefore it's time to win the Lotto within the next 10 years :lol:

ComboManiac said:
No escape from Death when it comes....Just have to be ready for it....
Ho! I'm quite ready for it...Actually, I once went to hell and they couldn't stand me there and they kicked me out :devil: so here I am!:angel:
Heaven is here after winning the big one or is-it? I'd rather like to see someone else winning it...like a person suffering from a disease ....or a child in needs!
Hell is when these corrupted big-shots :pimp: are winning! And believe me Hell is full of them!:pimp: :pimp: :pimp:
Some people that I see everyday forget this simple rule...''The best gift that a father can give to his children is to love :love2: their mother!''