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Hi Combo,

sometime ago, I think it was Feb.02, you addressed me with
a comment regarding Lotto 97, if memory serves correct. Haven't replied because I 'lost' my password for a while (thanks LT for your help) and since the Forum upgrade (nice job LT!!!) haven't been able to find the thread. Wonder if you could re-visit that thought and expand.
Kudos to our fellow BCer for snagging the Jackpot!!! Wonder how he came up with those numbers?

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I remember saying that Lotto 97 is able to predict 4/6 and more 3/6's if we set it up to predict numbers based on "Less Frequency Occurence".
Too bad that program can't predict let's say 18 numbers like Windows Pro which I don't like. Comes 2nd is the free MDIE by Ion ( I forgot his last name).

That guy who won 1,033,500.00 I am waiting to see how he picked those 5 numbers !! I would be very happy matching 3 !!

I believe we can get more results if I can get a hold of a prog effective like Lotto 97 that can produce 18 numbers (just for BC/49).

I am a failure in 6/49 :(



That's Ion Saliu you were refering to, I got some of his stuff but
haven't spent much time with it, found his style a bit cumbersome.

Done a lot of number crunching w.r.t. 3/6 and 4/6, all with BC49
history, to see how close one could come to 'breaking even' with
different wheels, anything from open to full. So far my best efforts
produced ~50-65% which is slim pickin' at best.

Lately I've been focusing on winning number sets, say going back
25-50 draws, to see if the trend still continues for next few draws.
I've come up with some interesting results but don't know yet
how usefull.

Is Lotto97 a free download? My search came up blank...

Prosperous picking, cheers:)



Just got on to say ' found it ', see you beat me .
You're right Dennis, it looks like a good site.

Thanks Combo!


Dennis and Brad

You are all welcome. If you get a hold of free prog that can predict 18 numbers or so based on previous history, pls let me know.

Combomaniac have you tried loto-analyzer??
By using a big pool of announced numbers and by using and adding some filters you might just be able to narrow your pool of number down to 18 and have more % of wins....just have a look in the software section....:cool:
question for Dennis

Hello Dennis

that lotto analyzer doesn't work, I got an error then when I doubleclick on winlotto.exe nohting happens !
It said earlier to replace the current exe file with some other file that I don't see !!
Do you know anything about that ?

Yes Combo it does work as I'm using it very often...when you go on the site you will see two icons of lotto-analyzer download both of them in a folder ..lets say my download programs..run both of them but you have to run the first one ( the one that came from the icon on top) and only after then you run the second one...after that get the data files here on this bulletin board and download the zip file on your desktop or in the same folder as before...replace the data folder from the downloaded program by the one you will get here , don't forget to modify the numbers of draws by hitting the configuration button on top of the program...I think that the files I sent to LT was updated to draw 1865 or so...try it again it is a very interesting one combine with others datas and stuff it becomes really interesting I'll tell you...Hope that all these helps...
Let me know if you get it working ! And let me know how it is doing for you!
By the way thanks for the site you posted earlyer!
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thanks for the great info, it seems to work and updated to Dec /2001 which is great.
But how can I get it to predict let's say 18 numbers
And a final question is Can I input BC/49 Data here ?

By looking at many other ways of predicting and joining the most announced numbers you might be able to do it Combo!
Each of the seven numbers drawn from the preceding draw are announcing some numbers lets say you take the top 12 announced from each and go from there...after that the idea is to filter these with some other criterias .... Let say the hot and cold numbers for one criteria....if some numbers announced are not on the radar screen you can toss them out ...you can also look at other criteria like odd-even and again toss some out....the decades would also be a criteria to consider...many factors may be taken into consideration here ...It might takes time doing it but
in the long run ..I think that the effort will not be in vain!
You might even find some ways of your own to choose them or filter them!
Good luck with it Combo!:cool: