psychic vibes for May 7- 6/49


Posted in wrong place last time- Frankly, I don't even know what the "Atlantic 5" is... I hope I am typing in the right spot this time-I'm new at this!!!Here are my 20 numbers-I am seeing six of the next winning numbers within this group... 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 18, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 32, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 47 Hope this note appears in the right place this time.....And yes I am the next "Edgar Cayce "(in my mind anyway).....
You are still posting at the wrong place :dang: ...For every draw we create one thread with all the players picks in it...After the draw is held it is easy to see them all at once in the same thread...No need to create a second thread for picks :no: since there was one already there for May the 7...
If you don't understand this...use your psychic abilities to find it...


Hi ebola,

This time you're in the right forum, but wrong thread.. If you go back, you'll see that godload has already started the thread for the predictions for the May 7 draw, you might want to re-post your picks under his. :)


Everyone makes mistakes ebola9000 but please stay around as we always like to hear from new people and there piks and thoughts on all draws....Just have a look and see where you should post your piks and thoughts...

Sheba__:dog:~~~ ®™