Provincial Sep 28 Discussion

Here are different progs Predictions :

Lotto-Analyzer--> 01-08-11-18-33-34-35-36-38-44

Lotto 97 --> 01-06-09-10-13-15-28-33-44-45

Best Of Winhunter-> 01-10-24-29-30-31-37-40-43-47

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NUmber 38 was very active in Aug and Sep which is amazing considering previous history ( usually it's one month on and the other off).
Number 4 is bad number all the way.
I used to play 06-12-25-29-42-47 as favorite numbers for both 6/49 and BC/49 and both hit 4/6 2x only since I played it from 1989 then I stopped it back in 1999 cause I know chances are impossible ( maybe when I am in the grave ).
Apparently 06-12-25 is the worst triple you could play for BOTH LOTTOS !!

Is Sat draw the one for REDEMPTION after this miserable SEP ?
We shall see.

My buddy and I we play Combo 8 each Payday so each pick 4 numbers. He Chose 10-14-23-30 from which I like 14-23 and my picks are still lurking around 28-29-01-43-44-35-39-36
Just a headache. But hey the only time we won when I picked the 9 and matched 3/9 remember on Aug 31 ?
I am trying to build a heavy AW 10 and FW 7's so there is a chance of 2 at least to win IF 4 numbers are matched.
Remember I did that the same Draw and u too won 3/7 that night.
That was a great night but since then it's downhill.
We gotta change that :agree:

I don't know Lotto-Analyzer fascination with the 30's :dizzy:
Almost every draw it predicts an avalanche of them !!


I've been looking at my picks going back to draw 1099 and the numbers are there, for instance in draw 1106 I had 5/21 before deciding on the short list ... got lucky and ended up with 3/7. But many other draws I 'threw away' the hits. Just can't seem to fine tune the final selection ... need some other indicator to help.

But maybe it's just the nature of this game, not unlike golf where one can duff, hook and slice all day but then hit that one perfect shot ... makes you wanna play another 18 holes right then :D


Since you had 5/21 few weeks back that tells me that u are on the right track which means u should take the risk sometimes and play let's say 150 lines of AW 21 !!
Mind you it's not a strong AW for 21 but it's a start. JADE LOTTERY should be able to tell the % of 3/4 etc etc. CoverMaster is not accurate about %'s ( I tested it long time ago )
Me personally I would like to play AW 12 60 lines at least for 3 draws so I have a chance of winning 3/12 at least. That's the way Burnaby Group won 6/49 months ago when they played AW 12 (don't know how many lines). Usually it takes $924.00 Dollars for FW 12.


That is where sharing the cost with a pool of dedicated ppl comes in handy but as you know they're hard to find . 924 bucks is a heavy burden even for a group ... BC49 is half that of course, but still we need to find a way to finance this approach, any ideas ?


No idea yet cause I have no dedicated ppl at all. Instead they are stingy as I told you b4. However my combo partner here we play only on payday because of my financial headaches. But we gonna play FW 10 end of december only once. The things is if we manage to get 5/8 then we gonna play perhaps FW 11 but to play consistently i don't think so.
I guess Brad the best thing to do for each of us is to fast completely 8 draws and then attack on the 9th and the 10th Draw with $25.00 on each draw. That way we can play AW 11 with 50 lines. Not bad eh ?


Tomorrow for example I am spending $15.00 instead of the regular $3.50 FW 7 plus my share with the group which is $3.50 plus $7.50 with my Combo 8 partner. I know wife won't be impressed but hey I gotta take the risk specially I have to clear some burdens off my back ( Loan etc etc).

For you, you can skip perhaps 2 draws and then do like me by spending $15.00 or maybe 20.00 on one draw.
With the above mentioned $15.00, I will play AW 10 23 lines and FW 7 back up.
AW 21 is just too many


What I meant was even with 150 lines the return is very low even when you match 5/21 .
Therefore I suggest that you lower your predictions to let's say 16 AW maybe 80 lines. That way your chances of winning (matching 3/6) is around 33% which is not bad at all.


Right as usual, I've tried AW20 many times in the past only to be disappointed with no cash win with 3 hits. The less nrs in a wheel the better...

Here are the results of my nr crunching for this draw, short list and some extras:

d 18 23 36 43
o 39 20 40 12 44
r 38 45 20 11 21
a 11 35 01 36 20 ... total 16 nrs as some repeat.

Strong multi indicators for 11 35 also for 01 36 20 , they're all announced but have pointers from other lists as well ... combo 5 ??

Few others I'm still considering : 16 27 28 29 can't get away from that ~20 to choose from it seems.
still lurking around 28-29-01-43-44-35-39-36
all those are in my list too, but only one of your buddy's , 23...

One thing I haven't tried yet is to take the strong nrs and see what they like to hit with.

I feel better about this draw, we'll see if the hunch is real :dizzy:

Cheers :beer:
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As if that wasn't enough nrs now 15 shows up all over the 'hits with' chart, but others pair up well too.

This is what I'm looking at now: 01 11 15 18 20 35 36 38 39 44, tons of thirties ...

OK , that's it ... AW10 4if4, 47% 5if5, 20 lines ... don't feel like I want to blow my remaining 22 bucks on a combo 5 today.
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We are almost on the same wavelengh


Yeah I have 1-43-44-39-35-32 just have to decide where and with which.
I am ignoring 11 but that could come back and haunt me again.

Which Progs did you use to get the Announced numbers ?

You are very close to LOTTO-ANALYZER Prediction :

01-08-11-18-33-34-35-36-38-44 :agree2:

BTW don't forget to back up your selection with a Combo 7
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Hi Combo,

Gail Howard has a chart called Trailing Nrs which is essentially the same as announcers. I've got 3 + 45 announcing 11, and 20 + 41 ann 35. Both 11, 35 show at the top when all six last drawn are considered as a group too.

... thinking about 01-11-15-20-35-36, give me your best nr to complete the FW7 :p: .


Ok ok ... we've been there bfr but just in case you forgot GH is not good at predicting but generates stats that are second to none, progs like Lotto Analyzer are toys in comparison, if it was legal I'd send you a copy so you could try it and see for your self.
In the long run what does it matter where the stats come from as long as they're accurate and easily accessible? You can ride a bike or drive a car to work, both will get you there but neither will do the work for you, you still have to do that yourself ... nuff said :mad: ;) :D .
Can't IGNORE 12

That spoiler I don't know when it's gonna ruin again like b4.
Also "1" is a huge candidate for repeat.
Wrong place to post this one


Depends on the guarantee, but some I did play long time ago were 20 lines 3if5, 46 lines 3if4, 74 lines 3if3 (a few times) and I did try LT's 20 nr wheel too, I forget the guarantee now ... there were others, too many to mention (or remember:D ).

... I see I'm a post behind, as usual ... the 12 hasn't shown for me yet, that doesn't mean it won't .

ADD: 12 was an Oon 4th down the list in last draw, it'll figure same way next draw, don't have a 'weight' for it yet. Nr 1 is a possible repeat, again no wt. yet. I will not play 11 as threepeats are always a bad bet.

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