Provincial Piks 18 Dec


on the 7th day of Christmas my......

lottery numbers will come in

thanks, brad for noticing 7 odd start numbers in a row. reminds me of the time i played red/black at casino roulette.....

playing the same as last draw, and these also:

40 boards, 10 each with 7,17,27 or 47, then,
2,12/2,22/2,32/12,32/12,42 then,
28 or 48 then,
mixing up LD's 1 and 5........

would you or combomaniac still talk to me if i threw in 5 dollars of quick piks ...???
I will talk to you Daleks

Yeah Daleks,

I will talk to you even if you play QP..I still play pre-selected numbers and it's almost the same as QP's..

To Brad,

My lottoBuddy told me that his friend matched 4/9 winning $900.00 that was on his own. So on Dec 28 we will let him pick 4 then LottoBuddy picks 3 then Me 3 of course....Although I don't like that way but it's a good measure to know how he thinks..
Apparantly he wins on Sports action too.....But he loses too specially on Combo 8....

I am going with 2 lines :

Not too much hope but if I get $10.00 I would be very happy indeed :agree2:


daleks said:
...>Snip< ... would you or combomaniac still talk to me if i threw in 5 dollars of quick piks ...???
Go ahead, make my day :mad: ... ;) :D da way my pickin's been goin' I may have to resort to the same (unspeakable) strategy :lol: ... nahhh ... even though nothing really jumps out at me from the stats, came up with 9 nrs I may wheel today:


The 25,43 show both as Oon and Rep, 36 has a good double hit record ( 24 and 44 will NOT threepeat, I will not allow it !), although we're only likely to see one of each - Oon and Rep that is. Other nrs I'm considering: 20-23-30-33. What are the odds of another odd nr in the first position?

Can I borrow a cup of intuition from someone?

Good Luck Players !! :agree2:
Here for B.C./49 you should give a shot at 24-25-43-44 expect 2 to repeat from there maybe 3...And play at least 2 numbers under 10...And that 09 is quite a candidate pals....
Anyhow....Good luck to all of you down here!



welcome down under ... 9 is a good choice, I'll play it and drop the 1. Have 25-43 already, not keen on 24-44 tho. Thanks for dropping by, see you've all been busier than a hive in your $5M quest, I might borrow your hints there and play a few lines too.

Good Luck !! :agree2:

Hey Daleks

keep playing Sport Action cause my co-worker here has won $375.00 betting on 4 games only after he had spent $20.00 !!
Last week he won $78.00 after spending $2.00 !!
Better odds.

it's just that I didn't play Combo but hey savn money is nice too...
ok here is an Lottoboddy's friend actually won the lotto 8 years ago, his share was $250,000.00 with three other ppl. Now I am not sure whether it was 6/49 or BC/49..
No wonder these days he's been playing like rich man and all kinds of lotteries !!
It looks as if wer gonna play Combo 10 in 3 days !!
So which 3 numbers I should pick, it's a hard task.


Well Dennis, all is not lost yet, Combo got 2 lines with 2/6 each ... not bad at all ... could have easily cashed in on a 4/12 !!

Daleks hasn't reported in from his hideaway yet, he called the 17 and LD 1s, could hear the che-ching there ... and let's not forget the 10 QPs ;)

Your suggestions were statistically sound, unfortunatelly BC49 has been in an 'intuitive holding pattern' for a while now, I'm hoping it gets cleared out of there soon so I get a kick at the can too ... my intuition sucks :lol:

Cookie ... didn't see your post untill now, looks like you're getting closer to the bulls eye again !

Tomorrow is another day of Reckoning as Combo 10 is in effect and I hope we get 3/10 so there is no losses.

Where is Daleks ?


When Are you gonna take the jump and play Combo 8 or 9 ?
Remember when you visit Vancouver to drop me a line so we can arrange something to play together Combo 9 or lots AW 12's !!


Hey ComboMan,

daleks is taking it easy on the island and I think he doesn't have ready access to the web from there, I'm sure he'll be back after Xmas.

I'll be busy for a few days don't know if there'll be much time to crunch my own so I'll probably plagiarise picks ... post some nrs !! :D (... new abbreviation-->PP)

Best of luck on your Recky 10 !! :agree2:


rum and egg nog, no way

i'll stick to scotch and beer...........made it over to the big island shopping, and hanging out for today and wins on wednesday, and how about that stupid odd number again....i'll get some good picks together for saturday.............hey combo, sounds good what you're it a safe bet to go with some of the most drawn numbers this year in your combo pick ?????don't have them in front of me, but those numbers drawn the most in 2002 seem to come up an awful lot more than they should..................cheers.......:xmas: :xmas: