Provincial Picks Sep 28

AW 10 --> 01-07-12-26-28-29-35-36-39-44 23 lines

Combo 7--> 16-18-23-27-32-35-43

AW 10--> 14-16-18-23-28-29-32-39-43-44 23 lines

Combo 7--> 01-12-18-27-29-35-43

Combo 8--> 01-10-14-23-29-30-39-44

Good luck to All
To Sheba

23 lines cost $11.50 but I am not bearing all the cost here.
I am paying 1/2 of the FW 8 so that's $7.50 plus 1/4 of $15.00 so that's $3.XX plus my own which is $15.00.
So all in all I am paying $26.00 tonite and hoping for the best.


BC49 Picks

Here I go again:

01 11 15 18 20 35 36 38 39 44 AW10/20 lines
11 16 23 27 28 35 43 FW7

Good luck to All !! :agree2:
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01-11-13-22-39-40 B 21

Congratulations my FRIEND 3/10 is great . Some kinda of Redemption for Sep. Most likely u won $30.00 to $50.00 not bad.

BTW Winhunter pulled one back V 0.2.28 scoring 3+/10. Even though the predictions I posted earlier doesn't say that but I had it in my book. So from now on I should delete 0.14 and 0.2.13


Thanks Combo,

got $30 for 13.50, so Sept. wasn't a total loss. Notice I had the 40 in my sights too in my 4/20 but that's back to square one. 15 not showing was a letdown guess it tricked me :lol: .

You got 2/8 and 2/10 and you talked about 11 which would have been the diff to put you in the $$ ...

My Friend let me down

My FW 8 with the friend let me down cause I got 2/4 right and Him big Zip..Next time I will insist on picking all of them cause 40 was in my picking had I had chance to pick and perhaps 11 instead of his useless "10".
If he doesn't like that then I will take matters into my hands and play fW 8 on my own.

The bright side is my predictions for 6/49 was great as I told them to play 01-05-09-17-32 and lo and behold 5-17 showed up along with Bonus "1" :agree2:

Now going back to our Lotto, we should have paired 39 with 40 cause it's famous and we both thought about it :mad:
And 11 with 22 they are famous too. Can you imagine u or both of us matching 5/10. What a shame maybe next time.
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Noticed that no nr today was more than 2 off prev draw ... 1->3,
11->11, 13->11, 22->20 (or 21B), 39->38, 40->41 and 21B->21B . Didn't look at hard stats for this yet but it seems like a recent trend in BC49.

Do you use a prog for your 'famous' pairs? I looked at 'companions' or most drawn with prior to the draw but did not see the 22
Best performing Sets score

That is a technique I should have paid attention to. Later on tonite I will talk about it with examples. It's scary when I picked a set without any help then to my surprise tonite it HIT 4+/8

I have to follow what the stats are showing me.


2 Weeks ago I prepared sets of FW 8's to compare which one I should pick at the time and in the future. I had 13 of them.
Now looking back at them I see HORROR. The 2 best FW's were as follows :


01-05-12-13-21-31-39-40 You can see this one just missed 5+/8
That would have killed me $50,000.00 Plus

Then few days ago I was working on AW 10 . I constructed 13 of them. The last one I worked on was as follows :


And I just paid the price of not following these comparisons.

BTW tonite's draw would have been fantastic for you to play Serotic cause you had 01-11 in the right order which means you would have won at least $40.00


Combo, too bad you didn't play those today, hard to know whether to follow instinct or stats sometimes ... like me today, I went with a hunch at first but then let the stats get to me at the last minute ... other days it works in reverse, who knows ?

Tonite's 6/49 Draw, they took 4 numbers off BC/49 Sep 4 :eek:
Sheba and Bones got only $10.00 and that was a bad day for 6/49 folks.

Ok see u later as I am going to do some testing with AW 9 and see if triggering 16-18 might help or could it be 43-44.
Of course I will compare which set is the best to bet on.

The closest draw to last night's was back in Apr 24/2002.
This winning set never matched 4/6 ever !! So stats sometimes don't mean a thing.

Ok let us work on Oct 2 now :agree: