Provincial picks-May 14th


Hey Brad,

Some AI's exploded today and one matched 4+/10 which is not that bad but have to watch til end of month to conclude the study.
Today's draw was painful cause I got 2/6 three times on my 6 lines ticket plus 2/8 in Combo 8 !!!!
But hey can't win everytime....
Hey a person in your town has won 10 Millions on May 10 !!


Wow, 10M !!

... figures it happens when I'm away ... I may know them tho, small town ...

Keep an eye on those stacks !! I'm itching to try some of mine, will have to wait till next week ... Cheers, eh? :cool:

ps. Notice all the LD 7s ? 2 in CN and 3 in BC ... if you saw my post in S7 disc. my 'hunch' went towards the wrong lotto (but a 7 played in the slot win too) ... must be getting 'sychic in my old age ;)
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that person in your town hasn't come forward yet...BCLC are waiting for him/her......They always ask where one bought his/her ticket to make sure there are no gimmicks......
yea u got one 0more week then back to AI's...
I have to cut down my AI's cause 30 is just too much.....
I might build a stack tonite.....

Hey Brad,

I hope your recent win there means that our luck is changing to the best especially you when u won more than a $1000.00 !!
AI is working a bit for 6/49 but can't compete with Bc/49 May 14 explosion !!
Will bring it down to hopefully 5 .....Plus our man-made ones....


One Arm Bandits

CMan ... did some reading on slots ( and did you know that they're totally random? So much for tactics ... but apparently the trick is to find the machines that have been programmed to pay out 100% of the time, as some casinos stash those among the many that normally give 90-99% ...
... hehe I know this is off thread but thought it of interest, may go one more time bfr leaving here and yes, I do have a ceiling :D

Interesting stuff about the slot machines...

Hey I dug deep into trial 22 that was able to predict 4+/10 and found out it was a fluke as The Compound Hit was adjusted to "8" which doesn't happen that often in BC/49 !!! that last draw was excellent to inflict maximum damage by drawing
22-27-37-42-46-47 B 04

And all the overdue numbers in a wicked guess how many ppl got 5/6 ? just 13 :bawl:
Check the history and u will see that 22-27 are the worst pairs that can appear together AND their Separate hits are the worst in all BC/49......
And here are the predictions : 04-22-27-29-32-33-34-37-47-48

So I am trying to creat a stack that have a combined parameters.

So far trials 23,27 have hit in both Lottos once each.....