Provincial picks for June 22


Got most of my lotto progs reloaded, need to doctor up a few dbases and I'll be able to resume my educated guessing :D !
For today it's Quick Pick City :tongue2:
How about those Koreans...lucky or what ? Well they do try hard, the Germans will :smash: them though...

Good Luck to All !! :dizzy:
To Brad

The Koreans are being helped by referees as Italy got victimized as well as Spain. Too bad this World Cup has been a fiasco so far.
They will beat Germany and I hope Turkey knoks Brazil (actors).


BC49 Winning nrs: 11-16-22-33-35-49 14B

Got $10/$2, better than a kick in the teeth :D .

Combo, you're right about the officiating, but I thing it's bad for both sides...see that handball in the crease that didn't get called?
In any case I regard the Cup as entertainment (good and bad), any other way could be frustrating, unfortunately many ppl take it too seriously...

Cheers :chug:
Many take soccer seriously


Many ppl around the world take soccer seriously especially the World Cup cause it's the only chance to show you are the best exactly like Stanley Cup here in North America. In Europe and South America it's a religion as well as Some parts in Asia and Africa too.

Of course I would be mad when some Jerk comes along and prevents my country from advancing to the next round cause he got bribed.
It's every player's dream here to lift the Stanley Cup even once. the same there in soccer. Look at England, they haven't lifted it since 1966 hahahah . The curse is on them (Germany were victimized in that final).
Holland in its best moment 1974,1978 and 1990 couldn't win the cup. The list goes on and on.