Provincial Picks/discussion-feb 22


Provincial Picks/discussion-FEB 26TH

Picks for ON49

03 10 14 15 23 26 28 29 32 33 35 37 39 42
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This is for Feb 26 Draw :

According to the new version the numbers we should avoid are :

01-02-20-21-22-23-24-25-27-29-30-38-39-41-42-45-48 !!
too many but hey if it workes then it's ok by you I know cause u love that perki stuff :D


Love is a four letter word, let's just say I'm still intrigued ... :p:

Have been running the Optimizer since last nite, so far I have 20,000 + runs and still going strong, don't want to turn it off cuz the results are getting better, have a loooong way to go still ... now I got one foot out the door L8R !

Brado and Daleks

Here are WH 014 prediction :


WH 3.18 Prediction

03-05-09-11-12-13-16-17-19-26-32-34-44-46-47 that was the sample stack provided by Andrew

My stack predicted 05-11-13-15-32-40-44-47

By the way Lottobuddy matched 3/8 with 6/49 FW 8 not bad considering the long dry spell we are having right now...



I matched your 15# 3.18 pred exactly :p:

Here's one of mine (3.18 also); 5-6-9-13-15-18-19-23-28-32-36-46-47
... I would toss the 18,47 betting they won't threepeat, play as AW11 then ...

Yeah Brad

My history files are 100% like yours...That's a good start.
Next is to nail down that S7 or get you going with 4/11 or better I hope, as I am only playing Double Play from Feb 22..Same numbers.
Then on March 1 I might play AW 9 for both 6/49 and BC/49.


Also the 20s are underplayed in the last few draws:

1151 ... none
1152 ... 28
1153 ... 20,23
1154 ... none,(24 as bonus)
1155 ... 28, (24 as bonus)
1156 ... none

The 24 wants to hit as a regular but I don't think it'll happen in the next draw, watch out for 20,23,28 tho.



if you want to check your hist file, use the sample stack, right click filter, put 1000 draws in *Drawings to Bypass* then get a prediction. I get 17#s:

Or better yet, using the original sample stack perform a *Run Test Now*. I get 1of ... 6of --> 290, 372, 221, 87, 45, 28. This will likely compare all the draws, whereas one stack setting may not .

My hist file is the same as BCLC's, except for the last 4-5 draws which I entered by hand ... but those are easy to double-check.
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WHERE IS 21-24-25

Yeah the 20's are due to attack but where is the above numbers and low 40's ? Well finally 40 showed up, but is this a sign of 41-42-43 to show up ? Next draw will be the clue for me for my preparation for March 1 draw !!

Also number 4 seems to be public enemy number 1 to BCLC !!


Re: WHERE IS 21-24-25

ComboManiac said:
Yeah the 20's are due to attack but where is the above numbers and low 40's ? Well finally 40 showed up, but is this a sign of 41-42-43 to show up ? Next draw will be the clue for me for my preparation for March 1 draw !!

Also number 4 seems to be public enemy number 1 to BCLC !!
The 4 and also the 8 have been out the longest, but I'm lousy at predicting long shots ... 41,42,43 who knows? But ... I made a mistake saying the 47 should not threepeat cuz it did not hit in the last draw :blush: ... I'll play it, so that I have my 12 #s (I think).

Also the 18 DID threepeat already, there is NO WAY it'll fourpeat !!! ( having probs reading my data today ... seems I 'overlooked' the last draw earlier ... but my WH preds are not affected by my worse than 20/20 vision)


thanks for those tips you provided, I will follow them tonite.
Fourpeat happened recently but I would ignore it...BC/49 has bad habit of threepeats, u remember the days when it happended with 11-40 ? Now it's 18 etc etc.....
Yeah 12 AW for you is better than 11 but hopefully u nail 4/6 or even better so u can invest in S7 :D


This one will blow you away ...

Hey Combo,

while checking another stack I noticed the 4, 8 in amongst 24 picks ... so I 'turned down' the selector, and you won't believe this but I ended with the following:

4-8-21-24-25-27-29-38-41-42-45 :eek:

... you got your 4,21,24,25,41,42 ... tempted ?

For me it's impossible that all would show up but hey who knows.
However trend is calling for 46 and 20,23,28..
I really have no money for this one...Why don't u play them and see what is gonna happen..


he he ... with my luck if I play it the first set I posted will hit for 6, if I don't, vice versa :D

... but I think it's odd that the stack came up with the same #s we talked about just a short while earlier, I did not go looking for those ... too much of a coincidence, no?

Ya follow your instincts.....I am thinking more now about S7 but I would love to see 3/6 or 4/6 matches in the upcoming Feb 26 Draw especially with BC/49 otherwise I might forget it and play more 6/49 which is promising more ever than BC/49....


for Feb 26

just saw your WH 014 predictions, and don't have my tickets with me, but so far i've done something like this...
played a bunch of boards with either 4 or 24 and 37 as DN's - 4,24 being those bonus numbers i think will come up a draw or two later,,,,,,,,on a few boards i played " 1",,,,on others i played two 10's, especially the "40",,,,,,then i filled in trying to find - played the 37, 'cause it looks like it's starting a run,,,,,played the 39, 15,17 'cause they are next to numbers from the last draw,,,,,,and on a few i played "18" 'cause, heck, why not four in a row...............only played 40 boards so far, and although there really is no system in what i've picked, i have tried to make "sensible" picks........
one pattern which i have not been paying attention to started eleven draws ago,,,,,,,,17,19 then 15,16 then 15,16, then 13 then 12, then 9,10,11, then 7, then 5,6, then nothing, then 3,4, drawn last draw......that's the sort of thing i've been looking for......
anyway, i'll take a look at you predictions, try to fit them in if i think they make sense,,,,,,,,,,,,on the x,y chart, a lot of numbers seem to be going straight down, hardly grouping at all,,,,5,6,9,12,18,24,28,32,39 stand out.....5, to me looks neutral, 9 starting to fade, 18 maybe really gonna start up, 24 and 37 starting, but probably not this draw....23 looks good also.......
blather, blather, blather..............


.Rheingold...........(just nostalgia, can't find it anymore)
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Here is my 1st ever AI predictions for BC/49 Feb 26 :


Regular 3.18 prediction :


Version 0.14 ( my all time favorite !! )


Another 0.14 Prediction


We shall see :agree2:


my second set is all over the place, too: lots of 4's, 7/11, 39/43, and 12,14,16,17 's...........

wish i had time to go over your stuff, Brad & Combomaniac, but am hot in middle of leaving, early friday morning to my place in the middle of nowhere........i'll try to check in from there from time to time.......

lotsa luck to all..........and, will somebody please win........

..............:beer: ...........
...............Okanagan Springs Pale Ale........


Have a good trip daleks :wavey:

I gotta make a quick trip to my fave lotto terminal ... will OW one of the sets I posted prev. ... maybe both?

Good Luck Players !! :agree2: