have been making up lines instead of wheeling for the last three draws, and altho the results have been less than spectacular, got 3 hits each time ... $20/12 lines, $10/30 lines, $10/21 lines... it beats not winning at all.
I pick the way I did a few months back (remember due, oons and reps? :D ) and throw in a few more numbers like open pairs etc. Hope it's more than a flash, still fine tuning this approach a bit ... I should try the same on S7 ...

The trick is to get 3 good numbers as a triplet, then the payout is better, but even with 2/3 + a 1/3, the triplets combine for at least one $10 payout. With a 4 hit, the return has better potential (unless all hits fall in diff triplets) ... There is no guarantee for a 3if3 such as a wheel would give, but more numbers can be played for less, eg. last time I had 21#s in 21 lines. Note that the total # of picks should be divisible by 3 ... it's kinda like a modified Serotic with Perkis' way of combining numbers (not using Perkisize tho) I guess.

(He he ... now that I verbalized it, it'll crap out :lol: )
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I like that approach Brad and who knows you might pick 4/6 or better.
as for me I seek the help of L.A. and Lotto 97 ...They both give hints that 12-25-40 are favorites !!
I will follow your approach perhaps on March 29 ( payday ) therefore try to wheel more numbers in fewer lines...
Even though the guarantee drops drastically, but still it's good for me considering the jinx is in love with me :D