Prov. Jun 25 Discuss & Predict

Prov. Jun 25 Discuss & PICKS

For BC/49

Here are my stacks predictions

SnakePositionGap2 : that one has 2 filters. One filter has many processors while the 2nd has only POsiotionGap Processor
So based on optimizing the 2nd filter I get these numbers

The same stack without optomizing I get :


Then after following Andrew's instrcs I picked the best of PrizeSu
cause I couldn't get a jackpot with 10 numbers or so ..


SnakePositionGap w/ optimizin :


without optimizing :

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6/49 ?

Just keep and eye on BC/49 but I urge you to play Combo 7 .
U could even take the best bets from members and go for it.
Who knows.....

I was trying to get something going with 6/49 with Andrew's instrcs but I got errors so I said nOPE...Maybe next time...


Just for fun ...

pass 1254: 17-20-30-37-41-42
pass 2154: 13-16-29-35

both averaged 2x 3 hits from 8 numbers in last 10, back test was not as good for last 100 draws.


More from same run ...

#2262: this one avg'd 4x 3 hits from 18 numbers in 10, and 24,22,5,1 times --> 3,4,5,6 hits in last 100 draws. Had 6/21 4 draws ago.

preds: 2-4-5-6-9-13-15-17-26-27-30-32-34-37-38-42-47-48-49


it's kinda late but BCLC is slow anyway

again just for fun:

will Not hit: 4-5-7-9-11-14-24-25-26-34-36-38-42

may hit: 1-2-8-13-16-18-19-21-22-23-27-39-49

undecided: 27-28-35

Using a slightly diff approach with AI stacks, needed more time to check all, so think of this as a partial crunch

Good Luck !! :agree2:



QC49 03 07 13 17 20 44 B06
BC49 06 07 16 40 42 48 B30

#2262: 2-4-5-6-9-13-15-17-26-27-30-32-34-37-38-42-47-48-49 gets 3+/19

Took your advice CMan and played 6/49 AW8, got $20 from $4 now I wish I used all 10 #s
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What did u mean by I wish i used all 10's ? u mean FW 8 ?

BC/49 was really bad tonite...I still get 2/6 everywhere..
my hints are deadly for 6/49.... I picked 20 but I was forced to do that cause at the time someone picked 10 so I couldn't repeat...
For 2 draws now my hints are 100%...


Actually I misread the ticket, it's only $20 ... but the "Best of 6/49" hit for 4/10, so had I played AW10 as I originally planned ... FW8 would have been nice too, but I'm not complaining
(I deserve that for being cheap)
6/49 is better now

If Jackpot is not won tonite, we should play Combo 8.....
One day I should publish an ad in the ppr in the annoucement section then u would pick it up and contact established....
That way we could play combo 9 with Lottobuddy and who knows if Daleks joins we could make it Combo 10 ( I meant once in a while)..


partially wrong ...

Thinking BC ... I did change the post to $210 now, and 4/10 will get 80x 3 +15x 4, so I guess it depends on the 6/49 payout, I forgot it varies ... your est. is closer than mine :agree2:
think seriously about offer

I hope you and Daleks would think about joining me and LottoBuddy....

Who knows, we could strike one day :agree2:
it's easy to do

cause I have quick access to the newspaper so I would put the ad very quickly then you guys would respond by mailing etc etc...
Then comes the money part and copies of tickets etc etc....which shouldn't be problem I hope....

Did u notice 3 numbers today were a case of OON betw. 2 lottos ?

I enjoyed these 2 weeks off but time to go back to work.....

Anyway I noticed there are tons of useless members here that just join in for the belief that we have the magic bullet :D
They don't post anything at all and just wasting space on Calendar......
When LT is back, I am gonna ask him to remove them if he can/wants !!!!

LottoBuddy is mad of not being able to predict anything right so he told me to pick Combo 8 this time.....


ComboManiac said:
.... <snip> ... Did u notice 3 numbers today were a case of OON betw. 2 lottos ?
Yeah, noticed that bfr too ... like the prev draw-->BC-CN: 11-12, 22-22, 24-25, 35-34, 38-39 and one before-->10-B10, 11-11, 30-30, 49-01

... potential cure for oneoffitis is to play both? Too bad they're drawn at the same time, as say with an hours lead time we could use one to announce the other :eek: