Prov. Jun 21 Discuss & Picks

For BC/49

I think 18 is overdue so we shall see.

To Brad,

my man, you go to kazaa and download Ad-Aware Professional hahahahah:lol: :D It looks similar to Freeware but there is a differ. where you have to punch in the password # which will be found in readme file !!
After updating it, I found 16 Huntbar files ( parasites) on my machine...Also my options for PestPatrol were not done properly therefore it never found those parasites :bawl:


played these for 21st, bc and 6/49.....
3, 18, 19, 21, 24, 37
3, 18, 19, 22, 25, 37
3, 18, 19, 23, 26, 37
3, 18, 19, 24, 27, 37
3, 18, 19, 25, 28, 37
3, 18, 19, 26, 29, 37
3, 18, 19, 21, 25, 37
3, 18, 19, 22, 26, 37
3, 18, 19, 23, 27, 37

:beer: .........homebrew, from next door neighbour...


Ad-Aware Pro eh?

Hoohaa he sayes wiping off brow ... 'tis here my 1st pass of AI select:


still to consider: 06-09-10-13-18-21-22-29-32-34-37-38

heh..heh..heh ... Ka..ZAAAA!!!!:bomb: ... kazzhundheit ??



nice to hear that, combomaniac....i made the numbers up last night, really not knowing what i was doing, but if anything does hit, i have lots the same numbers.....i am really getting tired of throwing money away and not getting even a little bit back....not paying that much attention, either, still sort of in the middle of other stuff, and that will go on most of the rest of the summer.....

will most likely do some combo-7's also, just for bc/49....


brad and combomaniac...

am i on to something here...???there are 14 prime numbers from 1 - 49....checking past draws randomly, it seems combinations of those into 3 places (364 possible) come up majorly, a lot more times than they should, considering they are only 14 numbers, and there are then 35 left, with 6545 possible 3 number combos......

how do you play a wheel with 364 combos of three without costing a fortune....


Hi daleks,

don't know about a wheel but aren't there 15 Primes?

2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47 ... or are you considering the 14 that hit the most? Can't remember for sure if 1 is a prime ...

Ran a quick check on past BC49 draws: 227x 3 of 6, 68x 4 of 6, 12x 5 of 6 to date, 1189 draws, hope this helps


... seem to recall a post about primes in lotto, could do a search later ... or maybe it was a ws ...


you're right, brad..

so busy trying to figure out whether to include the 1, i missed putting "2" as a prime......thanks for the quick check....looks like a total of 307 draws had at least 3 primes of those 1189 draws....certainly something to mull over for a bit, see if it makes sense to include primes in some sort of way.......i'll do some mulling tonight......

now time to play keno at the local ....i'll play the usual o's and 7's, and around 3;30, add 12,14 and 17......cheers....


just for comparison...

Back check of history, 1189 draws for 3,4,5 of 6 (there were no 6 of 6):

1-15: 223,66,11-->300 min 3 hits
35-49: 250,82,5-->337 min 3 hits

for what it's worth ... can't find the expected hit stats for any 15 numbers at the moment

last one: best 15 numbers in descending order - 35,11,36,18,20,24,43,38,08,15,40,44,05,39,41 - bonus excluded

263,88,9,2-->362 (with 2x 6 of 6) could expect at least 3 hits ~every 3rd draw ?

better performing sets of 15 numbers can be found, but that's another topic I think
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03-18-25-26-29-31-38-45 FW with LottoBuddy

and here is the backup for both Lottos :


To Brad and Daleks

While shopping at Oakridge Centre, I saw that old Chinese Guy spending $200.00 on Super 7 and he was going after The EXTRA by buying 3 lines of S7 and one EXTRA !!! The girl selling hin thoses tickets got mad as they guy is of course wasting their time and others wanna buy tickets as well :lol:

Jun 4 Prov Discuss & Picks
Few options to consider for the future..
If you want to see whether we can get our money back or not here are some things I might do in the future :

1- Seven Combo 8's : Cost $ 98.00


Hey Daleks,

the above numbers were picked for the month of June..
Had I played them, I would have been ahead by 170.00 Dollars !
What helped is Jun 18 struck with vengeance like matching 3/8 and 4/8 together...
So why don't you play that for a month instead of wasting your money on S7 and 6/49.
I noticed you were playing lots of Combo 7's which are not helpful in my opinion...
I didn't mean for you to pick these numbers, u could construct yours in the above manner....
In fact you could still lose the next 2 draws and you would be behind only by 28.00 or so !!
And if 5/8 is achieved, then u are laughing....
I wish I had some ppl who understand but my ex-group were stingy so I broke it up and said the hell with them..

Today I am gambling 32.00 with LottoBuddy and myself so I am always hoping....


yeah, combomaniac, you're right about the combo-7's, but rather than go for the large prize, i figured that if three or four hit i would still get back 40 or 190 dollars. quite often LD's are doubled up and in sequence (ie an LD 2 and 2 and then a 3, or an LD 3 and 3 and then a 4)so that would be a no-brainer, but i haven't even managed one of those lately.......on the way home, going to take brad's list of best 15 in descending order, and play two 8 number combos at random......

setting things up this week-end for more work away from home, either right away in the yukon and alaska - my friend wants to go there, but i just realized how far it is and i am hardly up for that sort of stuff anymore - or wait here a while until august and then work more locally, the island and the inlets up to the charlottes......i'll figure that out today and tomorrow....if i decide to stay, i'll help neighbours and myself with the haying, and then have lots of time to spend looking at the numbers........saw a message in the province newspaper about lottery numbers, i'll check out the date and let you know.....cheers....:beer: ..ipa

Yea Daleks

PLs let us know about the numbers in the Prov. Newspaper...I haven't read the pprs for 10 days now cause I am off for 2 weeks.
As for the above numbers I mentioned, U can always change it on a draw basis....For Example 04 no need to play anymore cause it showed up...

Speaking about that damn number 04..Apparantly it means death in Chinese and that is why I don't have floor 04 in my highRise !!
We have 36 flrs but 04 doesn't exist....
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Do u know on Aug 8/2001 I matched 4/8 in a FW 8 QP !!
The draw was :

08-17-18-44-48-49 !!!! three LD 8 on Aug 8/2001 !!! I was very lucky that day cause it was my 1st successful 4/8 in any Combo !!
I started playing Combo 8 just June 2001.....

Finally you know by now that number 08 means luck in Chinese...


....6/48 has three 4's in it.....6/47?????

left my list of how to pick numbers at home and getting late, so heading off to stop at pub on way home to play favourite keno numbers for a bit.....took a printout of bc and 6/49 numbers everyone picked, and wish everyone lotsa luck tonight.....and, if you need something to do on your days off, the haying here is just starting, and the noon hour sandwiches come courtesy of susan or granny, and the beer and wine courtesy of Al.....take care....hope to be online monday, or on the way to no man's land.....:beer: .......any brand, cool

looks like we were posting at the same time...nice thing about your august picks......


hey,combomaniac and brad.....started my way up the coast tonight and by tuesday night i'll be in the territories for a while until the first week of august.......then i'll do my best to enjoy the dog days of august......not much in the way of access to lottery there, but i will buy an advance buy quick pick ticket for bc/49 for the time i'm away.....

all the best of luck to you and....hey, remember, it is summer, and time to go a little crazy.............:beer: .......B. C. 's best.........:cool:

Yo Daleks

enjoy my man and have fun and maybe it's time to play low now for all of us since we are losing big time money ( Both of us )..


The EXTRA saved Lottobuddy and I buy matching 2/4 rather than losing the whole $44.00


Zippo here ... at least you got $10 back. Thinking I'll just watch for a while, still post my picks but not actually spend any $$, till I get a better grip on things :notme: