Prov Jan 4 Pred. & Picks

For Brad and Daleks

If you have 20.00 how would you play it for upcoming BC/49 Draw ?
Would you play :
1- Four AW 8's so that is ten lines each for AW 8
2- Two AW 9's so that is twenty lines each
3- One AW 11 that has of course 40 lines.

Knowing that I am gonna be playing Combo 8 with LottoBuddy .
So which one would you go for and why ?

I am thinking of

1- AW 8--> 01-03-16-19-30-35-44-48
AW8--> 01-08-18-24-27-30-39-48
AW 8--> 01-08-11-16-19-22-39-40
AW 8--> 03-10-19-22-33-38-39-48

2- AW 9--> 01-03-16-27-30-38-43-44-48
AW 9--> 03-06-16-19-21-38-39-41-42

3- AW 11--> 01-03-08-16-19-22-24-38-39-43-48

These are not final but most likely....


Hey Combo,

tough Q for this early in the morn :D

Could not get an AW8 with 10 lines, the best was 12 ... you could be using Serotic ? Since you seem to favour 01-19-48 the most did you consider a DN wheel ? Then you may be able to include the 6,41,42,43 from the AW9 and AW11 as well ...

This is the part I have trouble with most of the time too, usually start with ~ 20 nrs with a good chance of 4 or more hits, but by the time I cut the list down to 12 or so ... well you know the rest ;)


AW 8 can get you decent return thru' CoverMaster !! Like if you match 3, you would get $30.00......Did you try that ?
I think the same applies for AW 9--> twenty lines
So my debate is whether to get 4 different chances or 2 or only one on AW 11 ?
I am tending to go toward AW 8's but there is always the ugly odds of matching 2/8 hahahaha :lol:



I have no problems with AW8, just couldn't get CM down to 10 lines ... best it would give me was 12 lines 5if5, so that four AW8s would be $24, not 20 ... which guarantee were you using?


I was using 3/3 or 4/4 can't remember but I didn't look for 5/5.
But hey I can always strengh it by playing 12 lines so that would give me 3 AW 8's = $18.00

Yeah I can't make up my mind cause 2 AW 9's are strong too considering each one has 20 lines. Then AW 11 is stronger by having 40 lines !!! Wish have the money to play both like Daleks.


How's about an OW8, 5if5, 85%, 10 lines ... that gives min 2x 3if3-7% ... you could then play all four.

(I changed this post, the earlier suggestion didn't add up)
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It did add up for me by playing $2.00--> 4 lines as a backup.
So in total I get three AW 8's= $18.00
4 lines regular play = $ 2.00
Total------------------------------ = $ 20.00

What do you think ? that way I have 3 strong AW8's and one FW8 with lottoBUDDY AND four LINES just in case :D
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Even though I said 3 AW 8's yet I know I can change that in the last minute to AW 11 hahahhaha cause I always put 3/6 ahead of anything and we both know that my chances of 3/6's are way better than AW 8.....
Just have to think and weigh options and finally scan the numbers by WH...Speaking of which, I haven't seen Andrew for a long time since Dec 4 I guess...

How about you ? aren't you gonna play anything on Sat ?


Yeah, I have more time now so I'll crunch for Sat ... I've been out of it for the last 2 draws :bawl: ... maybe I'll spend more than my usual ... will see how the nrs 'feel'.

I see few ppl joining this board from BC but they don't play BC/49.
They go to Mother 6/49 wasting their money too bad...
Perhaps when you and I win 5/6 or so, they would change their minds ;)


just catching your intentions now, combomaniac....daleks has no money left to play, even my usual 6 or below LD's failed to generate a miserable anything.....still like the looks of my combo-10, but may break it up or something......

playing combo-8 looks good...i'm at a public system and don't have with me my "lottery literature," but will give my suggestions tomorrow.....

here is something which has served me well at times.......i will take one of the 49 numbers as a "lock," then play 5 number wheels around that....



my first pass is coming up with mucho numeros, some showing up in separate scans :

due ... 03-08-12-37-39-40-41-49
oon ... 12-16-44-43
rep ... 29-43-11-45
ann ... 35-36-11-24-39-23

Out of these 8-12-37-39-41, 29-45 and 35-36 are all fairly strong,
11 though possible less so ... think I'll drop it.

Others I'm looking at in a diff 'crunch' are 25,32,33 and 36 (again).
Gail Howard has this 'Baby in the Cradle' indicator which has worked for me in the past and these four are in diff stages of it, 25 and 36 to hit now, 32 and 33 within next few draws ... we'll see.

21 nrs ... hmmm ... you can see my conundrum is the same as Combo's ... which nrs and how to wheel them :dizzy: (my fave wheelin' eye smiley).
In the BC draw watch for that is not in vaccation in your draw having come up 4 times in the last ten draws...And after a draw with no numbers under 15 (11 being the bonus)...look for a repeat of 11 + play that consecutive pair 04-05 as 05-06 is still an open pair for your draws...of course 42 or 43 might repeat also...16-17 is also an interesting open pair for you folks..And have some look at 36-46 too... :eek2: :eek3:


Dennis Bassboss said:
.... snip.... play that consecutive pair 04-05 as 05-06 is still an open pair for your draws...snip...
Dennis, pls redefine 'open pairs' (for the n'th time ;) ) ... TIA


Brad said:
Gail Howard has this 'Baby in the Cradle' indicator which has worked for me in the past
Brad, quick one for you. 'Baby in the Cradle' is this say, 21-23 hits in a draw then the 22 hits in the next one? A pair of numbers with 1 space between which is filled in the next draw :confused:



have to recheck my notes later on the name but I think it's also called "Flag Formation" ... refers to a single number which has:

2 HITS with no more than 2 SKIPS between, then
5 SKIPS, then**
1 HIT, then
5 SKIPS --> PLAY IT as a DN !!

**I sometimes consider playing it even after the 1st 5 skips, providing other indicators suggest picking it ... has worked more often than not, better after the 2nd 5 skip period ...



Thanks for that Brad - that is really interesting :eek:

This is what I was thinking about. I thought I had heard the term before and wondered if GH had that built into the SW. :confused:

Sorry for the interruption here :)