Prov. Apr 2 Discussion & Predict.

For Brado,

Here are the WH predictions :

Version 0.14

AllChecked : 03-05-06-09-15-18-21-22-23-30-31-32-36-37-40-41-47 this is the config that nailed 7/16 back in Feb

HuntUsed : 03-05-06-09-13-15-21-30-40-41-47

Version 4.0 :



I don't know this infatuation with the 40's :D

As for 0.14 too many numbers so I have to increase using histoty which I won't do cause I am not playing them.

Next post is my group selection which I have already purchased !!


Good list, what I'll do is reduce the 22 numbers (your total WH preds) to 14 and see what happens. In the last 2 draws the preds you gave came up with 3 hits each time ... no hits came from numbers that showed up only once in your sets tho.

Here's the 14 for next draw: 5-9-40-47 (4x), 15-18-41 (3x) and 3-6-13-21-30-44-46 (2x)

I'll look at these later :agree2: ... and start a new thread just for picks.